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  1. bassahaulic

    Time Alignment and Me.

    12 years later, oh how things change.
  2. bassahaulic

    2015 F150 Platinum Build (Amps, Subs, Tweeters Upgrade) SSA Style.

    Wish I'd have had more room but it is what it is. Gonna jam.
  3. bassahaulic

    160db Nitro Demos HARD.

    Good thing it's not the daily, and the 300lbs of deadener and plate steel going in will fix any rattles.
  4. bassahaulic

    160db Nitro Demos HARD.

    Sony Vegas 13 for now. 14 just came out so I might wanna get it. lol
  5. Can't wait to see some videos and numbers.
  6. bassahaulic

    I'm back!! 4 SSA ZCON 15"s. SCV-6000. 157@37Hz!!

    Apparently I lied about the 157. lol Moved the meter to passenger side and BAM.
  7. bassahaulic

    SSA ZCON 15"s. SCV-6000. 158's.

    2008 Dodge Nitro 4 Sound Solutions Audio ZCON 15”s 1 Sundown Audio SCV-6000 @.5 6 AGM G31’s. Pioneer DEH-80PRS Helix DSP PRO Rockford T600.4 Rockford T4 Component Set Started by pulling out the old subs/box. Then got the rear deck pulled out Then Julian got to work building the metal brace to hold the wall in place and hold it up in front. Time to put in work Table Saw. Circular Saw. Router. Jig saw. All ready to rock. Mounting the floor to the metal bar. First layer of the bottom of the wall. Second layer. Walls going up Preparing the top to go in Shell done. Testing some fitment stuff Testing baffle fitment. And working out how to seal it. Sealed. Baffles Cut and stuck. Baffle in Baffle and port in. Silicon started. Back wall on. Metal bracing being worked on. Bracing in. And wire for subs ran into wall. Julian building battery rack. First layer of paint. Skip some because I’m impatient. Lol DONE. First Video!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FQkWFVaAFA
  8. bassahaulic

    Julian and I have been busy in KC..... Fun to follow.

    Strato Perfecto's 22"s And Rockford T4's
  9. bassahaulic

    Julian and I have been busy in KC..... Fun to follow.

    And here we go. 4 SSA ZCON 15"s 1 SCV-6000 6 AGM G31's So far got 157.5@37Hz out of it. Pictures of the rear later when I make it look ok.