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  1. chainsaw

    wtb mono ~1k+ @ 1ohm

    just sold it. and yes, it was in good shape
  2. chainsaw

    wtb mono ~1k+ @ 1ohm

    i got a 1500d , 300 plus shipping
  3. chainsaw

    jvc kd-x50bt

    got the new jvc in. Little bit of alternator whine. Gonna ground the rca's tomorrow. Hopefully that will fix it.
  4. chainsaw

    jvc kd-x50bt

    thats what i meant, plugging it in the front.
  5. chainsaw

    jvc kd-x50bt

    cool deal. Does the bluetooth dongle have to go in the back? I like to have my ipod plugged in the back of my current deck and stowed in the glove box
  6. my kw-nx7000 finally died. I am looking at this unit as a cheap replacement: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_42331_JVC-KD-X50BT.html. My goal is to find a cheap , reliable HU with bluetooth, ipod control, at least 2 RCA outputs. Thoughts?
  7. iheartradio wikipedia google translate urbanspoonn
  8. chainsaw

    Best way to seal off this trunk.

    mine is sealed with gorilla tape and expanding foam. doesn't look as pretty, but it does the job
  9. chainsaw

    digital converter box

    So it would be ok for catching the local news in the parking lot on my lunch break, bit not for much else? Oh well, it was free and might be fun to hook up
  10. chainsaw

    digital converter box

    i was at work last month and what did I find in a junk drawer? A brand new digital converter box. I asked my boss what was the story with it. He told me that he and a coworker had bought it cheap in 2009 to use with a tv in the pharmacy and that I could have it. Win. I'm putting the box in my center console and buy an antenna to mount either on the back deck or near the front glass by the front defroster. anybody used one of theses in a car or RV while moving? I hear reception is crystal when parked and choppy like satellite during a storm while in motion, Thoughts?
  11. chainsaw

    starting a new vlog and trying to get healhty

    i have not been doing what i am supposed to do and now I am back up to 290
  12. chainsaw

    my whole front stage is fried

    thanks guys. The video and the strap definitely help.
  13. chainsaw

    my whole front stage is fried

    Piece of cake. well I got the amp in and cleaned up a lot of old crap. Ran out of energy and daylight to get the speakers in. Either I don't know how to solder or I bought a shitty iron. Either way, I'm probably gonna be using butt connectors to extend the tinline crossover wires to the tweeters. I need to get some sort of metal strap to mount the tweeter in the factory location on the dash
  14. chainsaw

    my whole front stage is fried

    About to start the install. I'm a little anxious about the work ahead of me: stripping out all the old, extending wires, running into doors, etc