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  1. Happy Birthday Dvalue

    Thanks guys! Glad I get a birthday thread, even though I'm not around much
  2. SSA POST #1,000,000!!!

  3. SSA POST #1,000,000!!!

    Of course, it has to be Drew.
  4. Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook Shooting Rehearsal Video

    http://www.snopes.co...uns/newtown.asp /thread
  5. I think I spotted Matt (devalue)

    I'd rock it fa sho.
  6. I think I spotted Matt (devalue)

    Beards are serious business
  7. The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

  8. The Brand New 2011 ICON T/S

    You took the words out of my mouth.
  9. The Brand New 2011 ICON T/S

    You hush. You know how I roll
  10. The Brand New 2011 ICON T/S

    Only 1250w?
  11. Malachi - 08 silverado from Louisiana

    Where from Louisiana are you man?
  12. Any possible way to get the design for this? I'd like to try it with my Icons sometime.
  13. the car audio experts at best buy

    I work at Best Buy D: