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    Happy Birthday Dvalue

    Thanks guys! Glad I get a birthday thread, even though I'm not around much
  2. dvalue

    SSA POST #1,000,000!!!

  3. dvalue

    SSA POST #1,000,000!!!

    Of course, it has to be Drew.
  4. dvalue

    Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook Shooting Rehearsal Video

    http://www.snopes.co...uns/newtown.asp /thread
  5. dvalue

    I think I spotted Matt (devalue)

    I'd rock it fa sho.
  6. dvalue

    I think I spotted Matt (devalue)

    Beards are serious business
  7. dvalue

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

  8. dvalue

    The Brand New 2011 ICON T/S

    You took the words out of my mouth.
  9. dvalue

    The Brand New 2011 ICON T/S

    You hush. You know how I roll
  10. dvalue

    The Brand New 2011 ICON T/S

    Only 1250w?
  11. dvalue

    Malachi - 08 silverado from Louisiana

    Where from Louisiana are you man?
  12. Any possible way to get the design for this? I'd like to try it with my Icons sometime.
  13. dvalue

    the car audio experts at best buy

    I work at Best Buy D:
  14. dvalue

    2011 USACI World Finals

    Cant go with school and work and all
  15. dvalue


    My buddy in CO said he felt nothing
  16. dvalue

    SSA has gone Amazon!

    Sweet Deal!
  17. dvalue

    Now Playing!

  18. dvalue

    Happy Birthday Cablguy184

    Im a bit late, but happy birthday man!
  19. dvalue

    XCON 10" Anyone?

    It will be similar. The Icon and Xcon lean a little larger then average, Zcon some what down the middle, and Dcon on the smaller side. That is in terms of daily driver enclosures, the Zcon can put up something serious in a tiny peaky box, and the Icon and Xcon's are happy in smaller to average size enclosures as well. I'm running a bit larger than normal for my icons, about 3.2 cu ft. They do fine for me. Xcons should be fine in that, Aaron?
  20. dvalue


    Just realized you are in Louisiana, if you are in Baton Rouge, theres nowhere really to try out headphones, I've looked. The Best Buy in Meterie, (on Veterans) has a decent selection of monitoring headphones in the MI department. Lafayette, I do not believe has one, and I haven't been to any of the other stores.
  21. dvalue


    Best Buy worker here, and unless you have a store with the Musical Instruments department, its worthless to go there to listen. I assume you will want them for monitoring type applications. Check out the Sennheiser HD280 or the Audio-Technica ATH-M50, Sony MDR-V6 are also great from what I hear (no pun intended ). TBH, I havent used any of these, but I do own a pair of the HD 380's. The astros arent suited well for this application and the skullcandy's are just plain bad. Read up on Head-fi and look around.
  22. dvalue

    What's Cookin?!

    I had Olive Garden
  23. dvalue


    Hehe, I seem to miss all of these posts.