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  1. New on this forum!

    Welcome to the forum and the SSA family!! That’s a hell of a set of subs you got coming!
  2. Benefits of multiple runs of power front to back

    Lots of great information here. I couldn’t agree more with anything said.
  3. Sundown sae1500d's and sa15's output

    My other worry, as you also stated, is about the amplifiers seeming to not handle the loads like they used to. The SAE line was never designed to be as robust as the SAZ line in the first place. More of a budget friendly option while still very solidly built was the goal I believe. You’ve been running them below their minimum rated impedance and while you have some upgraded electrical I am not certain it’s enough to properly feed those under that kind of load. I’m afraid that you’ve been running it on the ragged edge long enough that there are damaged MOSFETs in the amps and you are close to an imminent failure. I could be wrong, but every time resistance (impedance) in an electrical circuit the current load will double, its ohms law. The amplifiers when wired to 1/2 ohm are going to attempt to flow double the current used at 1 ohm. Sure there’s a change in impedance as the frequency changes but that will also technically be half of what is seen at 1 ohm. Trying to run double the current it’s designed for without very stable voltage input (low voltage also increases current draw) is a recipe for disaster and equipment failure. Like I said, I could easily be wrong but the information suggests at least warranting a look at the amps themselves. At least for the protection issue, there’s also a slight possibility they were already damaged from when they were strapped. Technically speaking if everything is designed and installed correctly the amps should never go into protection when running normally. That’s just my worthless .02
  4. GCON replacement ETA?

    I don’t think you could have explained it any better. It’s pretty easy to see where everything is going and what you’re trying to accomplish. Thank you for sharing all this information!!
  5. SSA F8L 8" Enclosure Build

    It looks fantastic!! As previously asked, what do you think of the sound??!!
  6. Ford ranger blow through

    That’s completely understandable and what most people are thinking. When you’re talking about subwoofers it can matter but when you’re dealing with mids or highs it’s not nearly as relevant. The frequencies that they play don’t require any real power to reproduce in the first place.
  7. SSA 1969 Firebird

    I love this car!!!
  8. Ford ranger blow through

    This should be a great build. Definitely watching. Also on the Evil mids, if the four ohm wasn’t available you should have just went with the 8 ohm version. You wouldn’t have noticed any difference in output.
  9. I’m not convinced that you don’t have a wiring/connection issue. The amp you have is rated for 75x4@4 ohms (class a/b) + 325x1@4, 500x1@2 or 750x1@1 ohm (class d). I have a difficult time believing that that amp is drawing more than your upgraded electrical can handle. Granted the lighting in some vehicles can really exaggerate the voltage drop and you definitely need to verify just how bad the drop is but I’m thinking you have a connection issue somewhere. For instance my wife’s Traverse is running a Zapco ST-4D bridged and an Arc Audio XDi2000.1 @ 1 ohm on all stock electrical (180A alt and stock group 48 600cca wet cell battery) with only minor dimming on the hardest bass lines. It didn’t really even start dimming until recently as the battery has gotten weak and is in need of being replaced. An AGM replacement battery is still a great idea and highly recommended by us all though.
  10. Who to contact

    Wow, you must live somewhere the weather is really great if you’re jonesin’ for a ride right now, lol. I am looking forward to riding weather again but it’s not even remotely on my radar when I look out the window right now. I’m sure you will hear from them soon, especially after posting this topic, that usually gets extra attention.
  11. Who to contact

    Not much I can do to help with your order directly but I might be able to offer some piece of mind. First of all, I know that the crew who runs everything is out representing the company at the CES show in Las Vegas, which is no small task. I’m sure they’re trying to continue to take care of folks as they always do but I can guarantee it’s got them further behind than is ever normal. Second, what did you order? Some items are drop shipped from their respective manufacturers/suppliers and the delay can occasionally happen on that end. Right now every manufacturer has people wrapped up at CES so it’s very likely everyone will be short staffed or out of the office and behind schedule. Also keep in mind that SSA is a small business with only a few great people running everything from behind the scenes. It doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention or don’t care, quite the opposite in fact on the latter point, but there’s only so many eyes to watch, and time in the day to work. I’m sure they’ll get you answered and squared away as soon as they catch up to your correspondence in the order it was received. SSA has a great reputation for its customer service for a good reason.
  12. Yukon XL rear fill speakers

    My first suggestion would be to forget the rear speakers and put that money and effort into the front speakers. Rear fill is simply useless and a waste of money. I had a ‘98 Chevy Venture and people in the back seat never complained about not hearing the highs. As for the front speakers, if you run the front doors with a pair of 6.5’s you’re already going to have a 2 ohm load unless you’re planning on using 8 ohm speakers in that location. Secondly the smaller 3.5-4” speakers are never going to handle that much power full range. You’re better off using the freed up (after not going with rear fill speakers) rear channels of that five channel amp to power those separately. Then you can use your HU’s, the amplifiers, or a separate signal processors high pass filters to cross them high enough that the bass and midbass won’t be an issue for them.
  13. Jeep Renegade build (Fi Alpha V2 15)

    Yes it’s the same, no matter what the shape or configuration of the port is, the more port area you have the longer the length has to be in order to maintain the same given tuning frequency.
  14. Just got a new system and joined this forum

    Welcome to the forum!! You should definitely be much happier with your new setup.
  15. Boom sonic

    There’s many more colors available here... http://www.knukonceptz.com/mobile-audio/power-wire/kolossus-kandy-kable/