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  1. I don't doubt it, it's got great extension on the top end. How's the midbass in the enclosure? I would imagine it murders the IB setup.
  2. The Evil mids can already do decent midbass duty in IB. However, if they respond in a ported enclosure the same way the woofers for my Bravox CS603CF component set did then I would HIGHLY recommend it! Like the woofers in my component set the Evil mids are xmax limited. When I was testing mine I was able to move them into the realm of over excursion and heard the coil former lightly find the back plate on a few occasions. The ported enclosures are .5cuft and tuned to 65hz. They allow the Bravox woofers to play very solid down to around 45hz (thanks to the DSP and the crossover controls available within) making it so every drum beat, bass guitar riff, and anything else that falls within its frequency range is felt every bit as much as heard. We ran it without a subwoofer for nearly a year because it didn't really need one on most material that we played. I have plans to drop the Evils in the doors to see how they perform in that alignment but I've not been able to get around to that work just yet. I would still highly recommend at least building a quick temporary enclosure just to test them out and see how you/him like them in a ported enclosure.
  3. That would be awesome if you could. I shouldn't ever have taken it out of my signature, I was just trying to update it and make it less bulky.
  4. The entire thing looks fantastic!!! There's been a ton of time and money spent on this build.
  5. Sorry, missed this in the recents list. I honestly don't know for sure, I never measured it. It ended up using a two or two and a half inch long 3/8" bolt and about eight or ten 3/8" washers. It doesn't really matter because I just added weight until I achieved the desired tuning.
  6. Welcome to the forum! That's a hell of a sub you chose!
  7. So what's the good word on these Aaron?
  8. Yep, you remember!!
  9. You said it originally to me in a pm that disappeared when the site had to be rebuilt. I had the quote in my signature for years.
  10. I don't think the Fi Alpha or SSD wouldn't be bad options either.
  11. I sure wish I hadn't decided to delete Aaron's quote to me explaining the difference between the two when I asked the same question trying to decide what to get for my Jimmy. Basically he said that the ICON can deliver lots of solid low end response, resulting in lots of smiles and that the XCON is similar but with a stronger more direct impact. He went on to describe them in terms of heavy artilery. The ICON being the shockwave you feel from the explosion and the XCON is the missile straight to the head. Damnit I sure wish I still had that quote, the way he said it was awesome.
  12. Is that foam insulation of some kind that you're making a mold or template with??
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's one of Murphys laws. lol
  14. There's a good chance you won't need the relay. Most DSP units have the remote wire to them first to delay the amps turning on to eliminate turn on pop/bump. So far the ones I've seen that have the feature power the remote out from the supplied constant 12v powering them and have higher current capacity than the HU remote. I don't know much about your particular unit so I would suggest double checking the manual or emailing the manufacturer to be certain in your case. If it doesn't have that feature then the relay is a great way to get it done.
  15. You're making WAY too many assumptions about how things are done at SSA or Fi and quite frankly I'm tired of seeing the misinformation and slander that you keep spewing on the subject. There are absolutely never any "pre-orders" with either company. There is no "stuck in port" excuse because each and every motor for each and every sub that is produced is machined from scratch from blank steel on site in Las Vegas Nevada. Then the drivers are hand built to order (custom ordered in the case of Fi) and the motors charged and tested before being packed and shipped out. The Fi build house OEMs for several companies, SSA and Crossfire included, along with the brick and mortar brand Ascendant Audio and those are just the ones that have been made public. They also have their hands in some industrial applications that I have almost no details on as it was only mentioned in passing during a chat conversation I had with Scott years ago. Things do occasionally get slow, they definitely do get backed up, but you are wrong about how they conduct their business, and you are really wrong about anything that is currently being sold still being "in the development phase". They do not pull the same bull that other companies do to try to get the capital together to make an order from some Chinese build house. There are (or at least used to be before the forum software got messed up and some old archived topics got lost) pictures of part of the process of how the build house builds the drivers. From how the blank steel becomes motor halves, to how the pole pieces are machined from raw steel rod, and so on. Nothing horribly detailed but enough to see and get a picture of the process in your mind. Those of us who've been here for awhile really do KNOW what it takes to build these drivers, not just the hearsay found on some random forum, which is why we state that the wait is worth it and why folks like me defend the brands when someone is misrepresenting them.