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  1. I've been building enclosures for over 20 years and have tried all the most popular methods. I wouldn't go so far as to say that an only glue joint is stronger than a glue and screw joint, I don't believe that for a minute. However I've been using glue with Brad nails for around a decade. Probably close to a dozen enclosures built that way and haven't had a failure yet. I'll definitely never go back to screws again, there's just no point IMHO. The glue is definitely the strongest part of the joint. The only way I could see it being any better would be to use biscuits in the joints. They would add more structural integrity than screws ever could and using them would also virtually eliminate the need for any mechanical fasteners like the brad nails. The only reason for the mechanical fasteners is to stabilize the joint while the glue sets up and even then I won't typically take the clamps off until the glue has had time to cure. That's just my .02 worth.
  2. Absolutely fantastic!! So how's the tuning going? Are you liking the PS8?
  3. It could also be due to a delay in parts. If one of the parts suppliers or manufacturers had a mishap that caused a delay in shipping or production then that could also cause these kinds of delays. The Toyota plant near me had production shut COMPLETELY down for about two weeks recently when a huge mold of some sort fell from the rigging it was lifted by and was destroyed. Imagine what a two week shutdown does to the chain of supply at a place like that. There's a lot more going on in ANY business than most people are willing to consider. Delays happen, it's just how things go. They'll catch back up soon enough. Another thing to consider is that they build for multiple companies and at one time I knew that they had some industrial applications as well. That's a lot to keep up with, especially when there's a delay outside of their control.
  4. Ordered mine, a UMIK-1 and now I'm looking at ordering power wire for my amps. Fun things are in store!
  5. The 5" decal is on the first page, the 6" decal is on the second. It's the one that's got something goofy going on. Apparently the $21 shipping was because of the $5 charged for the SSAudio.com banner. Still $16 to ship a 6" x 6" decal has to be an error of some kind.
  6. I ordered the smaller size decal but the problem still persists with the 6" one. Here's a screenshot of the cart showing the shipping price.
  7. If those are your absolute maximum dimensions then that's the best you're going to do. It's not bad, net volume is good but the port area is a bit on the low side and the tuning is probably a tad higher than you really want. The problem is that any attempt to lower the tuning or increase port area is going to reduce the net volume and by the time you get the port and tuning right you'll be low on the air space. You might be better off with a sealed enclosure simply because you're very likely to have audible port noise with that enclosure. If you don't mind building multiple enclosures and testing you could go ahead and build it and see if you can live with the compromises or not. If not just sell that enclosure and build a sealed.
  8. Why would you look at Braille?? You're supposed to feel it not look at it...... sorry, couldn't help myself, lol
  9. I think that would qualify as a legitimate and solid DREAM JOB....
  10. Omg!! I absolutely love it!!
  11. Aha! I found it! on the first page is the 5" x 5" one for $5.99 which is the one I added and ordered this time. On the second page is the 6" x 6" one for $7.99 and that's the one I added and it wanted $21 to ship.
  12. It shows free shipping now, I have no idea what was going on with it before.
  13. That's just what I may do when I have the money for the tweeters. Kinda goofy, lol.
  14. Wow!! I think the shipping calculator got fed some incorrect information. I was in the process of ordering several decals for my Grand Prix. I had added the SSAudio windshield banner, the Evil inside and speaker nerd decals all without any issues. Then I added the "Let the bass drop" decal and the shipping came back at over $21 for that one decal. I'm not any sort of expert in anything but something tells me that something is a little off to be charging that much for a 5" x 5" vinyl sticker. Unless maybe it's an entire case of them or something, and if that was the situation I'd gladly pay it, lol. So, right, wrong? Something's fishy, right?
  15. ^^^ He's right, the outputs of that amp are internally connected so each + and - are the same thing. Wire it like he said, matching the diagram below, err, well, above. I hate doing this stuff on mobile devices. http://www.the12volt.com/12voltimages/2_1ohm_dvc_1ohm.gif