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  1. Closed

    That was my first plan, but they're outta stock
  2. Closed

    Looking to purchase a NVX 800.4. I live in 98363 WA, so shipping is almost a must. Let me know what you've got, thanks! Got an amp on the way
  3. The new SSAudio.com Products page.

    That's some exciting news!
  4. Still wish I was able to pick one of those JBL amps up when they were being liquidated or whatever a few years back. Bump for some great gear!
  5. RIP Shawn Fleming

  6. Getting 2 Fi Sp4s got a ?

    The RE, yeah, but That's not weird at all. They're either dual 1 or dual 2. Don't worry about it.
  7. Getting 2 Fi Sp4s got a ?

    What do you mean, "odd coils"?
  8. SSA / AccuWave sound pressure meter

    This is sweet! Nice job to everyone involved. Look forward to seeing the pricing and using one in the future!
  9. So Ya.... web site back up

    Your enclosures were always pieces of art. Loved the build logs you posted. Glad to have you back, with what seems to be a fairly clean bill of health!
  10. AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    This is a new spl device that Adrian has been working on to bring to the market!
  11. SPL meter

    Term lab isn't exact either so don't sweat it. Just because something is a "standard" doesn't give it any credibility for being scientifically correct.What you need is relative repeatability with a somewhat linear FR. The rest doesn't really matter. Exactly, I don't get why people don't give credit to a score just because it wasn't measured with a term lab. Too often I see scored posted from a SPL lab just to get told it's wrong/unofficial because it's not term lab. Op, glad to help!
  12. SPL meter

    Close enough, I'll be looking forward to what you have done
  13. SPL meter

    FINALLY! Give more of an update!
  14. SPL meter

    Used both. If I was to buy one I would go SPL lab just for the price. They're close enough. You don't need EXACT term-lab results while testing to see gains or losses, just something accurate enough to notice the change. You can find side by side videos of both meters. they're pretty damn close. I also like that you can talk to Shizz on here and get any questions answered quick, or help with any aspect of the product.