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  1. Right! The ultimate goal is a second sub and walling it off. Im clipping my amp to get the output from the sub. Going to a bigger amp should give me the output mine cant produce without forcing it to clip.
  2. Well talked to dc. Turned the gain down to about a quarter. No more smell but box is too big and way underpowered now. So gotta get at least a 7k to not have to work so hard to power the monster now. Thanks for the imput everyone. Havnt put much time on here lately due to my insane work hours now in the mill. New box is coming and looking at amp options now. It never ends.
  3. Very. It calls for 5 to 5.5 cubes. I turned the gain down to a quarter. It was at half. I checked the ohm load at the amp and its at 1 exactly not on of course. Ive had to break in 3 different subs for friends in the last few months and they got stinky after an hr or so. Nothing like this. Im hoping its the box too big. Havnt got a chance to get it out of the box to double check everything. I found these sweet reducers that allowed me to get both 8 gauge direct leads in and have a single 8 out. All heat shrunk and zip tied. Its only been in a day and a half. Im calling dc to be safe. Cost way too much not to.
  4. Ok sub is in but something doesnt seem right. Gets stinky very fast. Like within a minute. Checked the coils when it showed up. One was at a 1.7 and the other was 1.5. Was supposed to be dual 1. But i realize they sit higher on a new sub. Going to pull it and check everything. But cant do it alone too damn heavy. I know the box is too big but any suggestions? If anything else im calling dc tomorrow.
  5. Im in shock of the sheer size of this thing. The weight and magnet are almost comical. Really wish posting pics was easier.
  6. Happy birthday!
  7. Aaron even tho i went dc for my sub best believe im gonna order more/bigger amps and my own ssa meter. That thing is sweet!
  8. Well i know the weak link now is in the front battery and my roof for sure. Theres zero sound deadaning in the jeep right now and im really trying to figure out what im gonna do with my roof. I really want to just glass it but that will be such a huge undertaking. And thank you jcarter. Im still grinning!
  9. Finally got on my buddys ssa meter last night since the rebuild. Sealed on the dash im getting a 146.4 drivers window down a 147.9. Both at 35hz. I unfortunatly forgot to put my rear seat down and last time it was worth .6 on the meter. Im pretty stoked! Got a little more wiring to do and a new sub and box to build but the rewire was good for 2.5 db
  10. Hello all. New sub is being built as we speak (went full carbon fiber cone and dustcap also). Dc suggests 5.5 cubes but im wondering if anyone else has had some experience with these things to give me the right direction to head. The current box is about 7.5 cubes net so a new box is in order. Will also be going up in power soon. Sub will be on a synergy 35.1 at .5 until i can get a bigger amp. It will be daily but also the occasional competition.
  11. Well its ordered. None of the above tho. Went with a dc level 6 m4 18 full carbon fiber cone and dustcap upgrade. Anxious to see what a large chunk of cash just bought me for one sub...
  12. Very true. I just wondered if somebody had an inside scoop. Itll just have to be my christmas in july!
  13. Whats happening at the build house that everything has an eta of july i believe? A little dissapointed by this... are they that swamped?
  14. I had the chrome ppi 4400 i should have never let go. I may try and get it back