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  1. I didnt realize they came from the same build house. Finally got ahold of someone! 18-20 days build time so ill leave it a suprise.. bright side quality either way should be awesome
  2. Much appriciated mark. One way or another there will be more to come. Probably selling my bagged ranger to have my garage back and looking at buying a suburban. So alot more lol.
  3. Well with no contact back by any means from FI i may just pick up an evil 18. Is the evil the same motor and basket as the ascendant team subs just with different soft parts? Doesnt matter to me really just wondering. Mabey its just me but customer service should be a big part of making sales. Especially when forking out large amounts of $$$$$$
  4. So biltd has the ins? Ive been trying to reach them too and my emails are returned and im told inbox is full? I want to order a new sp4v2 18 but not being able to get ahold of anybody has me wondering if im going to head another route
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    Welcome to the fam!
  6. Ill let you know after this weekend what my voltage looks like. Im running a synergy 35.1 for the sub and on crap electrical it did fine (2000 jeep cherokee sport) now ive rewired. Put in a voltage gauge. 2 runs of 2/0 to the rear. Mechman 240 and my northstar agm 220 is going in saturday. Ill be running at .5 until i can decide on a new sub so ill be using my buddys ascendant team 18 untill then. Havnt seen what itll look like on the fresh rebuild but the synergy amps are awesome. Also have a 150.4 for the highs i picked up from ssa that has yet to go in.
  7. Lol good point. Thats how ive always done things. Guess theres no need to change it now
  8. I know of the o scope method but dont know anyone that has one.
  9. Hopefully ill be good. The main reason for wanting the btl is to shed some weight. Going from a 70lb 18 to a 58lb neo is only a 12 lb difference.. mabey id be safer with the sp4. Im debating ordering a dd1 to set everything. Itll get used by 3 mabey 4 people. Its worth it to save my equipment from disaster but itll need to take the abuse every day. And i could smell the coil on the sundown once in a while so.. this is an awesome build here in the works. Wish i could hear it once its done
  10. Freaking awesome. Thanks for the imput. As soon as the cash is together thats what im gonna order then. I need to save some weight and if they can take it im on board.
  11. Yea i watched a video of a single dd sub i believe a 12 or 15 hit a 155. But at like 71 hz or something that nature. Crazy high. Built for one purpose. I want the happy medium but its turned into a complete rebuild so i dunno. Sold my sundown zv4 18 so i planned on an FI sp4v2 or Btl but ive been trying to contact Fi and it said theyre email is full. Id like to talk to them first. Keep it up and im gonna say screw it and order a evil 18.
  12. Are the ssa tweets almost ready? Or possibly going to be offered as a component set with the evil 6.5s? Need highs for my jeep! Its turned into a total rebuild! So much for budget. I want good sound. Doesnt need to be sq oriented cuz im more of an spl guy. But i want it to keep up with the sub. Synergy 35.1 for the sub and synergy 150.4 for the highs. May not even put rear speakers in. At least not in the factory locations anyways. Ive got two sets of door panels so i can cut some up. Just wanting suggestions. Pretty heart set on the evil 6.5s. Just not sure how many or locations yet. 2000 jeep cherokee sport if it helps.
  13. Is this playing yet? Heeeeelllppppp! Sold my zv4 today. If this is playing and that btl can take that power im sold on picking one up. My buddys trying to talk me into a dc level 6 or a psi plat 5. Way too much weight for my liking
  14. Looks like the zv4 might be sold if dude shows up monday. Time for a freshie!
  15. Thank you sir.