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  1. Travis

    Evil comeback?!

    I may be in love already. Got just about everything for the build minus subs, and seriously debating going lithium. I'm going to be watching the store for release!
  2. Travis

    Evil comeback?!

    Super stoked about this, as I was set on a pair then.. well you know. How will the new models compare with the old? I see the options on the zcons are pretty crazy. Hopefully the new evils will continue with this. And plans for 18's I'm assuming are in the works?
  3. Travis

    Ssa evil 6.5's

    Thanks Aaron. With birthday and Christmas coming real quick I think I know the route I'm gonna take.
  4. Travis

    Ssa evil 6.5's

    I am very much so considering the incriminators for the front. As they have a low rms rating. They should sound fairly decent on head unit alone.
  5. Travis

    Ssa evil 6.5's

    Thanks Aaron. Cost I'm not so much worried about. Any recommendations on a nice component set ?
  6. Travis

    Ssa evil 6.5's

    My fault it's still early. I'm almost positive there is no crossover in the head unit. I may need to do an amp if I go this route. I'm almost burnt out of car audio anymore. Between the time, effort, and money.. I've got a small stockpile built up for myself, but still need more. I may just have to pick up some normal 6.5's and save a big headache
  7. Travis

    Ssa evil 6.5's

    It has a thirteen band built in but I'm not sure how well it will do. The thought crossed my mind about that after I posted. If I need to amplify them down the road I guess that wont be a problem. The whole goal is keep it as simple as I can.
  8. Travis

    Ssa evil 6.5's

    Been a minute but I figured I'd ask. Due to a fire at my buddy of 20+ years stereo shop I got a few things out from helping him clean up (head unit and subs) All of which for the wife's truck. It will be using a pioneer 210ex for the head unit, not installed yet, but need to upgrade the front door speakers. My question is would the evils do alright off of the head unit alone? Or should I look at putting them on an amp. Possibly a set of tweeters also. But main focus is on front doors.
  9. Travis

    For those that havnt heard

  10. Travis

    All my Audio friends has settled on down ??

    I still check out the forum. Just nothing worthy of posting. Working swings. Playing with the little person. And stashing stuff away for the new build. And trying to decide where I want to go with it.
  11. Travis

    SSA Demon (all new)

    I think I can still pull off a pair of the 10's in the under the dual under the rear seat dodge box. As soon as I can scrape a little cash up I'm gonna order a pair. The box says mounting depth 5.5 so not impossible.
  12. Travis

    SSA Demon (all new)

    Man that looks nice! That red stitching really pops on the surround. Any mounting depth numbers yet? As long as the clear I'm gonna jump on a pair as well for the wife's truck. Edit. I just went to store mounting depth is posted. 5 5/8.
  13. Travis

    death penalty 15 enclosure

    I'm on board with that one!
  14. Travis

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    I know nothing of amperes subs. But I'm gonna hold out for a pair of the demons I think. I'm guessing they'll be worth the wait. And since I've been here this long and yet to try some ssa subs.
  15. Travis

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    I was also eyeing these for the same truck lol. Hmm