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  1. Travis

    SSA Demon (all new)

    I think I can still pull off a pair of the 10's in the under the dual under the rear seat dodge box. As soon as I can scrape a little cash up I'm gonna order a pair. The box says mounting depth 5.5 so not impossible.
  2. Travis

    SSA Demon (all new)

    Man that looks nice! That red stitching really pops on the surround. Any mounting depth numbers yet? As long as the clear I'm gonna jump on a pair as well for the wife's truck. Edit. I just went to store mounting depth is posted. 5 5/8.
  3. Travis

    death penalty 15 enclosure

    I'm on board with that one!
  4. Travis

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    I know nothing of amperes subs. But I'm gonna hold out for a pair of the demons I think. I'm guessing they'll be worth the wait. And since I've been here this long and yet to try some ssa subs.
  5. Travis

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    I was also eyeing these for the same truck lol. Hmm
  6. Lol I got patience. After researching probably a pair of 10's
  7. I'm waiting to see these new demons arrive and if they'd be ok in that prefab box. Then I think I'll have the sub side figured out
  8. Nothing as of yet. Got my own project going on but still looking at equipment. Gonna see what this ssa Valentine's day sale is all about
  9. Hey. I might join you guys with the blazer. No doubt they'll be impressive. I was finally set on ordering some devils but then.. well you guys know.
  10. Either way I'm sure this is going to be worth the wait. I may do 4 15's. I've been tossing the idea around
  11. Oh. Exciting news. Trading my amp off for an ampere tfe 9k and a bit of cash. Next is new subs! Edit.. any teaser shots for the zcons?
  12. Travis

    stupid ? About batteries

    Yea I just watched an update vid on YouTube. Apparently pierce audio in Washington owns the legend.
  13. Possibly some of these new dcons? Would the space be enough?
  14. Thanks Aaron. Was just looking at this. Not sure if displacement is before or after sub? But I think she could live with a decent pair of 10's. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/2002-to-2013-dodge-ram-quad-and-crew-cab-truck-dual-sub-box/. Link says error after I pasted.
  15. Yea I agree. I was looking at some of these prefab boxes and I saw .71 cubes after displacement for the sub. And most want a shallow mount. Might do a single 12. And 2 way active for the front. Might just give me an excuse to try out the evil mids. As far as tuning or even setting it up I've never done active. But I've got a buddy that knows how to set it up.im just forking out the money. My new job pays great. But working swings limits my free time with the kid running around.