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  1. Ssa evil 12s finally arrived

    Good numbers for daily no doubt. On a side note talking about going to Hawaii for vacation lol
  2. Ohm load

    Hello all. I can't remember for the life of me but does a coil impedance tend to rise slightly or fall slightly after a sub has broken in. Planning my second sub soon and the first was supposed to be dual 1. Showed up with one at 1.4 and one at 1.6 brand new. Last i checked one was a 1.8 and the other a 2 Kinda confused me as I had ordered a dual 1. Dc offers a dual 1.4 and I wonder if they hadn't sent me the wrong load to begin with.
  3. J-roadtatts Super Sonic Xterra Build

    That's brilliant! May look into this
  4. J-roadtatts Super Sonic Xterra Build

    Stupid auto correct. I meant what were they? Something you adapted to fit the tweets? Sorry for the confusion. But I didn't proofread before sending while on my lunchbreak.
  5. J-roadtatts Super Sonic Xterra Build

    So what exactly we're the adjustable pods used in your testing? Looks like a sweet idea
  6. Now I won't say who I got my level 6 18 thro... But the second may be thro ssa. Cheaper than what I paid for the first one... recone options as well? When the second gets ordered I'd like to recone the one I have now to change loads.
  7. Synergy Audio WFO 35.1D

    From what Chris Kunkle told me spring.. Aaron my have a better answer. Either way i dont think you could go wrong.
  8. Synergy Audio WFO 35.1D

    Loved mine. Word from synergy is they're revamping the entire line for next year. Waiting for the new wfo 8.1 now.
  9. 05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    He's on about a third of the power as the taramps. And he's debating getting one of the new orion hcca 8ks. I dunno about that.. I'll guess next summer we'll hit as much as we can local
  10. 05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    There's no doubt in my mind it will. My dudes buick is doing 150.4s and it'll hairtrick all day. Showed my buddy your build and he couldn't believe the numbers.. numbers don't lie. Great build. Hopefully I'll get the chance to hear it next year
  11. Now that's dope! Awesome name also!
  12. System walkthro

    Figured I'd share. Still In the early stages. No demo vids yet but very soon... https://youtu.be/-ztn9fBNEHc
  13. 05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    That's how I was planning to use my buddy's as my second on the jeep from his durango. Only reason I havnt messed with it yet is not sure if the stock wiring can handle both at once. Or if I need to regulate one just for the system with one of the transpo boxes. I don't use ac, so all I need to do is fab up a bracket to mount the second where the a.c. pump is and run a smaller belt.
  14. Black Friday (Month) has Begun!

    Team evil 18's? Say what?!