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  1. ssa alternator

  2. Team evil 12s

    That won't be a problem. Havnt had an amp mounted on a box since 2000? And it was all stolen. Old school round kicker solobarics and my first kicker xs 100. Just made a convenient carrying case for the thieves that stole my setup. Never again. Great heads up.
  3. 08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    Ouch. Yea forsure. I wish I'd have picked one up instead of the 220. Now it's either 1 or 2 more 220s or a 480 and the 220 I'm running already.
  4. Team evil 12s

    Yea. I hear they're really picky on voltage and loads. No half ohm. But that's pretty much pointless for daily anyways
  5. 08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    Mmm. 480s...
  6. Team evil 12s

    For the price point definitely. A lot of people seem to be going that route. I'm debating a 10 or 12k. Probably the 10k. Wish I could see one in action in person. There was a 15k on Craigslist local for $900 a few months ago and I should have jumped on it.
  7. Team evil 12s

    Me too. Also jelly...they will definitely get down for sure. Everyone is going to taramps. May do the same. And oh yea. Demo vids!
  8. System walkthro

    Still gotta get a demo vid posted but come to the decision it wont be around much longer before everything is pulled out. Just has more problems than it's worth to fix. On a positive note I've talked with Aaron about sub number 2 so the next build (And vehicle) will be worthy of the disgusting amount of money in subs..
  9. Agreed. Bad grounds can do major damage also. And things can vibrate loose. I lost ground years ago on my first mtx 2300 back in the day. Caused the amp to catch fire.
  10. First off, I would like to note, one of the easiest ways to sustain higher voltage and it reflecting on the dash is runs of power wire. (given all grounding is on par) A local and prior world champ who was part of TEAM DB DRIVE was running 10k RMS in his van. One day he decided to do runs of power wire front to back (from the heart of the electrical system, under the hood) until he quit getting gains on the meter. On that 10K rms setup he stopped getting gains on the dash at 32 runs of wire, yes thirty-two runs. Due to being able to transfer power with nearly no resistance, he gains tenths of volts which turned into tenths of a DB, he finally found the end the possible gains using only power wire. Cool read I found. But only if you're doing something such as what he was trying to accomplish.
  11. System walkthro

    Memphis mojo pros. Not super impressed by them but I got them dirt cheap. Life's been crazy so havnt been on here much lately or had time to work on it more.
  12. System walkthro

    I just thought to myself today I've gotta get one up. Been working killer hours. Got another battery I need to order. More wire... Another alt in my garage so i can run dual's .And a second sub. It's been in the teens to the mid 40s for a couple months. I'm off this weekend so I may get one finally before the rebuild.
  13. '12 Grand Cherokee

    Wow. At least everyone is safe. Things can always be replaced. Good luck!
  14. It's defiantly one I'd like to hear. Awesome work on the enclosure as well. I wish I had the patience
  15. There's some serious money invested here lol. Absolutely beautiful tho. Great work man