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  1. twistedchild420

    2 SSA Zcon 18's Walled in Steve Mead's Camaro SS

    Hey how's it goin
  2. twistedchild420

    2 SSA Zcon 18's Walled in Steve Mead's Camaro SS

    .5ohm iirc Thanks bro......yeah ....can't wait to hear it on some real power! No problem bro....yes Turkey Drag will be a nice big show! And don't worry about the dislike.....i got one or two hater subscribers that do that to every video...lol
  3. I know i don't frequent here much ....but i thought i would stop in and show some love for the Zcons! Steve's set-up was quite nice and VERY effecient! Got down on only a 1200D! I'm sure Aaron won't mind me spamming this here
  4. twistedchild420

    4 Girls+2 Bass Cars=Quadruple Hairtricks!!!! Team HZ A

    Thanks fellas...here's a different perspective by some random guy....
  5. Just a great idea i came up with before the show.....It went off flawlessly! Good job Jose! Good job me! lol Song is Nero-Reaching Out
  6. This is just awesome! Her son tapped out before the beat came in.....and then she just jumped in! lol I was scared to crank it on her....but Jose wasn't! lol Enjoy this pretty sweet vid people.....pretty BAD ASS Granny here! lol WAY more bad ass vids coming up...including a Quadruple Hairtrick!
  7. twistedchild420

    Videos of my new build

    Lol...Thanks fellas...And LMAO @ the truffle shuffle pic! Here's a couple more silly vids....
  8. twistedchild420

    Videos of my new build

    Finally got my new set-up just about finished....it's 4 DAD BD 15's on 2 Crescendo BC3500's strapped @ 1ohm......with a lil sasquatch fur and plexi on the enclosure....still got a few more things to do.....but it's dome for the most part! Enjoy!
  9. twistedchild420

    Twisted's DC Power 270XP Video :)

    Thanks man Thanks man...i know i will
  10. twistedchild420

    Twisted's DC Power 270XP Video :)

    Much love for Dc Power!
  11. twistedchild420

    First video of this kind!

    You know that's a damn good camera....lol Also.... "I don't wear my hair in my eyes.....but when i do....i wear it at interviews" lol
  12. twistedchild420

    DC 8's VS. Rockford 1000BD-Wife's Sub Excursion

    Thanks man...i love it! Well i could only find the orange Coach material in China...sooooooo lol