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  1. xLogan225x

    Fi glue, who has used it?

    I didn't even use the activator, just the glue. It turned out fine.
  2. xLogan225x

    12" sq at ohms

  3. xLogan225x

    Head Unit Problem!!

    2005 Chevy Silverado
  4. xLogan225x

    Head Unit Problem!!

    I have a aftermarket radio harness.
  5. xLogan225x

    Head Unit Problem!!

    Ah, I plugged directly into the factory harness
  6. xLogan225x

    Head Unit Problem!!

    what exactly do you mean?
  7. xLogan225x

    Head Unit Problem!!

    Still having the problem every once in a while. Any ideas?
  8. ZOMG, this is amazing!!!!
  9. xLogan225x

    Recone an SSD 12"

    It feels good, I promise. And as Duran stated, you can use notecards as shims for centering the coil. Make sure you get everything super clean and free of the old glue. I know what you mean now, I cut it up a few days ago. the first cut was hard, but after that it was a breeze, lol
  10. xLogan225x

    Recone an SSD 12"

    Correction on my last post: One of the leads between the spiders burnt
  11. xLogan225x

    Recone an SSD 12"

    Just pushing it to hard for too long. It was my fault, not Fi's. It burnt where the tensil leads meet the terminals. From what I can see the coil isn't burnt though.
  12. xLogan225x

    Recone an SSD 12"

    I blew it the other day.
  13. xLogan225x

    Recone an SSD 12"

    I am about to recone my SSD 12". I get the basic idea of how to recone, but not sure how to center the coil and dustcap. Any ideas/tips/advice? I'm kinda nervous about doing it myself because this will be a first time for me. Any help is needed.