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  1. raolito1980

    PSI Subs

    I've had a psi recone for a 15 Fi BTL and it slammed. Never had an issue with it till this day that my buddy Carlos had it. That was 2 years ago .
  2. raolito1980

    why is there no love for PSI here??

    Just wanted to chime in and say that my recone for my 15 Fi BTL UFO motor served me great. No issues. Rated at 2500 RMS it took that and was asking for more. Definitely buy again.
  3. raolito1980

    Crescendo Black FT 1 in stock?

    Can anyone let me know if the SSA store has the Crescendo FT1 black in stock and if the store has Crescendo crossovers for the FT 1's. Want to purchase but would like them soon and not wait long. Thanks for your help.
  4. raolito1980

    08 Silverado Build

    Good job bro. Getting ideas from your build if you don't mind.
  5. raolito1980

    !!! Sundown SA-8 v.2 PRE-ORDER !!!

    Damn those subs look beastly. Im loving that basket. Jacob I sent you a payment for two Dual 2's. I will send you an email in a minute with my info to confirm.
  6. raolito1980

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    Damn this is the first I have heard of this. I believe Im going to be ordering the SA8 v.2s. Im ordering directly from sundownz, hopefully to get them as soon as they come in.
  7. raolito1980

    Newbie saying hi from texas

    Welcome. Enjoy its peaceful here.
  8. raolito1980

    Need update on Alt status

    Damn I would be glad to gain more fuel efficiency.
  9. raolito1980

    Amp Problem

    Amp is probably good, they told you it was broken so you can buy another from them.
  10. raolito1980

    which would be louder???

    Yes this happens more often. Alot of knockin.
  11. raolito1980

    They found my car!

    Man thats good to hear. Have any pics? Good thing its in good running shape.
  12. Aw man sorry to hear this. Hopefully everything is ok. Been watching this build. Congrats on your future wedding and baby. I will be looking for the sale too.
  13. raolito1980

    New to the forum!

  14. raolito1980

    Quick build of box for SA-8 in center console

    Nice review. When will you get us a vid?
  15. raolito1980

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    Sick azz truck