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  1. There are several brands that use USA Engineering for amplifier manufacturing. MMats is one.. i could name more but it's not where it comes from, it's how good it is in your application.
  2. shizzzon

    Keeping up with Sencheez

    The connection point to the board is not adequate for continuous current draw at the level of power it can produce. It's actually suggested wiring to 1ohm on a very adequate batt bank can kill it because of that fact on music. Luckily, Sencheezy had high impedance curve which kept the current draw low. The HD30K-SPL is going to be tons better but is once again in deep development. The HD10000 and DSP3000 are now available to purchase so people should start seeing these popping up everywhere. Also, HD3000s are about to get a massive price slash,
  3. shizzzon

    solid 7-7.5k amps

    The new Taramp's HD10000 will be able to do ~7,500w at 2ohms at 13.8v. Comes in 1ohm stability only and are cheap enough to purchase 3 within your budget.
  4. The tfe 8 was actually tested to put out around 15k so definitely not small. The main reason most people suggest getting smaller amps is due to warranty reasons. Repair centers either refuse to work on large amps or the cost to fix them are very high. Taramps uses unconditional warranties and once its out of warranty, while i do not know the cost of repair, i can tell you the 30k uses 3 of the hd8000 toroids and 0 rails. power transfer is done under the board on this model. We know the HD line is very cost effective and the repair center is very good at their job so i would assume the cost shouldnt be too high to repair these if out of warranty.
  5. shizzzon

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Not for a wireless meter going through a dealer. Impossible. Add another $100 to that and be more likely.
  6. I doubt it. I've heard some classes or leagues are already limiting the amount of UltraCaps allowed in certain classes even though the caps would still be limited to 12v. These types of unwise decisions is what deters innovation in competition.
  7. Nadcicle and I have discussed this as well. There are some classes in MECA that allow it. The question if they will continue to allow it in the future once these get big in the US is in question.. But I do not fear that outcome. There are new leagues formed all the time including some we are a large part of. We could always see if these new leagues will allow modern technology to be used in their leagues instead of restricting anything and everything.
  8. Yes so it's not separate, it's part of the amplifier i was explaining earlier. Nadcicle, exactly.. That amplifier, let's just say it was only putting out 50,000w- 30 batts at 378v assuming almost 100% efficiency is about 140A. I bet using mids\highs they don't pull much because the impedance keeps changing rapidly unlike bass where the entire range is isolated to about 60 frequencies vs 15,000. And in the low range, the current draw stays more averaged or controlled with bass heavy music. With a 2A output pulling over 100A from a group 31... Not that long of play. Needs a LOT more juice.
  9. I still don't see it.. Can you still post it here? Reason i'm curious now is Soundigital has an onboard 12v charging system built into a couple of their HV amps but only 2A trickle charge. I'm curious if the one you are referring is the same type because that's not enough to really bring AGMs back up or really even maintain them for driving or for a show. Their onboard charger is about 850w on their 430v model. The other ones i've been looking at are between 1,500w-2,000w. I use wattage since there are so many different voltage models to choose from.
  10. Show us because Stetsom has never showed us one that i recall. Even Usina Spark doesn't make any yet and they are the largest provider of Fonte's in Brazil. I've been in talks with LiFePO4 companies and Hlabs about 12v Boost converters since only the LiFePO4 community and Hydraulic community are only 2 that use them the most in vehicles.
  11. shizzzon

    Your Custom Gaming Rig

    ok, not mobile. I'm sure the x99 is better.. why would it come out otherwise? It was just too premature the time i was doing research on it. I never presumed x99 would ever be worse than what i have in terms of performance, just lack of it's advertised abilities is lacking currently. And back about speaking about RAM usage. I did mention Ramdisks. That alone can eat however much RAM i desire. Now, if i didn't use Ramdisks. here is some more info- I did first use Windows 8.1 but too unstable for doing "experimental" things and the lack of driver support for all this new hardware eventually cause a total windows crash in which even the OS couldnt recover itself. Since it was still a fresh install, i decided to put win7 on it and is much more stable. Back when win8.1 was installed, it was using 6.7gb on startup with NO security installed. Now since i've had win7 installed for a while, i am currently running 10.2GB of RAM. All i'm doing is surfing some sites, running a small game, other monitors and news feeds. There are over 110 active processes running and a lot of this memory is allocated for other things as well even though it doesn't use it. IE- the system has allocated 32GB of ram for the video cards. But, since i'll never go over the 3GB of GDDR, that allocation will never actually be used. It's weird how it's worded in Windows.. It's allocated but not lost or used..
  12. shizzzon

    Your Custom Gaming Rig

    I only brought it up to comment on it when you mentioned it. My monitor shows my cards idle at less than 3w so dont see how it can go any lower without shutting the system down. I always run excessive psu just in case. You know, lol, i just went back to asus website and they have a lot more boards now than when they did when i needed pc built. I could have swore the maximus was x99 but oh well.. point is there was only 1... it went for 389 on newegg, it didnt fit what i needed but the black edition did. I had a timeframe to get it built to continue r&d and some photoshopping. But... we know i didnt build a slow system. Until this system starts to slow down, ill be happy. I still have to take pics and such but... still waiting on buying last monitor.
  13. shizzzon

    Your Custom Gaming Rig

    Im mobile right now so cant respond in great detail but i can ramp the ddr32400 to 2133. Its already been proven on the board i got. There was no 64gb qvl for the maximus vi board when i checked the manual... Im not making it up. It is also fact. And the ram i was looking at for the maximus vi that was only 32gb or some 16gb modules were over 1000.. again in the manual. Im not looking at just memory.. im looking at memory that has been tested to work and that is what costs money. I only buy qvl memory because in the past, people would buy whatever and be incompatible whether it be because of density, single vs double sided, speed, quantity used, etc... I chose DL monitors because they were cheaper than any other 16" monitor on newegg at the time. Cheapest i think i seen on there was 80 or 90 but they are also heavy too. I got these for 70 a piece and feel less than 1lb which is a plus in my install. In the end, im sure x99 is better but not right now. Everything takes time and there is or was no certified 64gb modules for the mobo i researched. Only 32gb max. Plus, i dont care much about gaming performance. Thats always overrated. I used to game on a $40 non-fan video card on 1080p settings just fine. It was modded of course because stock would freeze due to the stress but vide9 card prices are all overrated and not needed. My single card has been proven to do uhd 4k over 30fps on average and most nvidia cards above mine show like performance to the titan so.. not to go off subject but productivity is more important than gaming... and i know gaming is easy to support on pc. The whole decision of 97 vs 99 was lack of memory support upon purchase for the board i wanted to use if i went to x99. I dont regret it either. The best mobos dont come out upon a new line of pc parts. This black edition i got is a new version which is devastating and x79 has been out for a while im sure. If this were 2016-2017, then im sure x99 would blow me away but now its not catching my attention.
  14. shizzzon

    Your Custom Gaming Rig

    There is memory. Then the memory that is compatible with select mobos.. the mobo i looked at.. memory was expensive. The cheapest solution to 64gb for my mobo for ddr2400 was $760. Actually 2 psus cost less and more power. I am running 2 850w for 220 or 240 i paid. A single 1450w which is smaller was over 400. I got everything on extreme sells.. thats why i paced this install to wait for the price drops. Now, i do not know difference between ddr3 and ddr4 on speed alone mhz wise but i do have ddr32400 currently running at 1333. In about a week or so, ill start ramping it up. To maintain 64gb, the fastest xmp tested profile has been 2133 but ill bypass that and try manually.
  15. shizzzon

    Your Custom Gaming Rig

    Ramdisks, photoshop, cad design, gaming, many web pages, many monitoring apps. I use DL for static applications so quality was of no concern. When i downloaded the asus manual, there was only qvl support for 32gb. That removed that choice from my options since no one could provide a guaranteed package to work. The 32gb packages for about $1200 and thats only 32gb... It will take yrs before applications can be generated to take advantage of having 100gb+ memory and if it benefits my interests, then i may upgrade again in a few yrs. The cost of the mobo and cpu were the same cost basically as what i have now but major limitation to memory in the timeframe i had.