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    Opinion on new sub stage?

    Coming from a previous owner of an Icon 15 who's also heard all the mentioned RF subs. The Icon hits really hard and has awesome sq as well. Do an Icon 15 ported in 3.5 cubes tuned to 34hz. You'll thank me later.
  2. mwoehr

    From dcons 12s to SA-12s

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback. The dcons drop nice and low in the box I have. I could imagine how hard the SA-12s are gonna pound in this box with the Sundown 1500 watts on em.
  3. Hello everyone! I hope my question isn't a stupid one lol. I know a things or 2 about car audio but aren't an expert or a box builder. I currently have 2 SSA dcon 12s in 1.75 cubes each tuned to 33hz powered by a Rockford Fosgate T500-1bdCP. A local shop built the box according to the box recommendations on SSA's site and it sounds pretty good and gets loud for just 500 watts. I can tell from how it sounds like the box was properly built. What I'm wondering is if a pair of SA-12s would be able to use the same box. The recommended specs for the SA-12s is 1.75 cubes per sub. If they could I'd like to get either a Sundown SAZ-1500D V.2 or save money and get an Audioque AQ1200D if that would be a good amount of power. Let me know what you guys think.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding ported enclosures. I currenly have 2 Dcon 12s in a ported enclosure, 1.75 cubes per sub tuned to 33hz. The box was made by a local shop and fits my trunk like a glove. The guy at the shop measured my trunk and that's what fit. The dcons pound for a pair of 12s being powered by only 500 watts. I'd really like to upgrade my output by getting an Icon or Xcon 15, but height size it wouldn't fit which poses my question, how would an up firing subwoofer enclosure sound in a trunk compared to the sub facing the rear? I'm pretty confident an up firing box wound fit my trunk. How would an Xcon sound in 3.75 cubes ported to about 33hz?
  5. Hello everyone! I had an Icon 15 in a ported enclosure in my old ride and loved it. I would have loved to have had it in it's optimum sized ported box to see what it could really do, but the 3.75 cubes tuned to 34hz sounded kick ass anyway and got nice and loud. I had it powered by a 1200 watt JBL amp. The car I have now unfortunately can't fit the the Icon 15 enclosure height wise. I was wondering if an Xcon 12 in it's optimum sized ported enclosure tuned to 33 - 34hz powered by a SAZ-1500D V.2 could get as loud as my previous Icon 15 due to more motor strength?
  6. Wouldn't the SA-12's sound good as well?
  7. I think you misunderstood me friend. I have 2 12s in 1.75 each. I would do the Xcon 15 in 2.50 - 2.75 cubes sealed.
  8. Guys, I never said 2 Xcon 12s ported, I said 1.
  9. Height wise I can't do a 15 ported. I would be able to do 1 in a slanted sealed box though. If I had the space for an Xcon 15 ported I'd rather do the optimum sized ported box for it.
  10. Hello guys, how's it going? I've been banging with my DCON 12s for a while now and am thinking of stepping up my bass output. I have the DCON's in 1.75 cubes each tuned to 33hz (that's about what I could fit). For what it's worth they have served me pretty well and I've been told my many people they pound. I have them powered by a RF T500. What I'm considering is either 1 Xcon 12 ported or 1 Xcon15 sealed or 2 Sundown SA-12's in an enclosure around the same size I currently have. Either would be powered by a Sundown SAZ-1500D V.2.
  11. Thanks friend, I think I'm gonna go with the Audioque. I asked about their amps because I don't hear much about them but have heard alot of good things about the HDC's.
  12. I was wondering, are Audioque amps comparable to Sundown amps?
  13. Hello everyone! I have a question regarding my Eclipse. I have a CD5030 and also have a XM Onyx that I'd like to run thru the decks AUX. Does anyone know if I'd be able to use the same AUX plug with the CD5030 as the CD5425?
  14. mwoehr

    Need advice on my Dcon 12s

    You have enough room for a 15"? Yeah, sealed it should like take 2.5 - 2.75. It would be smaller than the box I have now and I'm pretty confident it would Wang. My gf has a sealed Icon 15 in 2.5 cubes powered by a Kicker 700 watt amp and it shakes the ish out of her car. She's going to upgrade to a 1000 watt amp eventually. The guy that made her the box at a local shop was very impressed by it, he was shocked how loud the Icon can get sealed. Almost sounds ported.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm curious about 12s that could work great in a mid sized ported box 1.5 cubes - 1.75 cubes each powered by a Sundown SAZ1500D. So far what caught my eyes is a pair of DC Level 3 12s or a pair of Sundown SA 12s.