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  1. mikey5472

    Crescendo Audio BC5500

    I may have a potential buyer buddy.
  2. mikey5472

    15" DC LVL5 newly reconed

    Bump for a good dude
  3. mikey5472

    1995 Eagle Talon Wall Build

    Got my baffles 50 percent done this weekend, as well as starting on my door pods. Also went and hung out with chop for a bit. Got some much needed wire. So getting things done slowly but surely. I m hoping I can be done middle of May before our baby is here.
  4. mikey5472

    15" DC LVL5 newly reconed

    I built this sub a few months back. Last time I seen it was still super stiff and in great shape. Jordan is a good seller and good guy.
  5. mikey5472

    Help me ID this Fi 18 I bought

    Going to need pictures of the motor to identify which model it is. As for the impedence you can check that with a digital multimeter.
  6. mikey5472

    2 15" zv3 box build.

    This is the first enclosure I have used this method, but not the first project as I have used it for several. To me it seems to be just as strong if not stronger than the traditional fastening method, or just glue itself. This specific enclosure has yet to be tested yet, but I think it will be substantial. If you build a lot of boxes or do a lot of woodworking I would suggest it, but it is a bit more work for the end user. Well I guess that depends on how you look at it. Overall it is a great tool and has a lot of good circumstances to where it will be more beneficial than any other fastening method. I'm not sure what brands are out there for this, but KREG has everything you need. They sell a whole kit with instructions which help a lot.
  7. mikey5472

    2 15" zv3 box build.

    Thank you everyone!!
  8. mikey5472

    2 15" zv3 box build.

    There was some bondo in some places to cover up the kreg screw holes, but you are talking about the fiberglass resin.
  9. mikey5472

    1995 Eagle Talon Wall Build

    Shit wait til you see what else I've made for this build lol. I have so much to do, just waiting on time. But most everything is just sitting here ready to be put in.
  10. mikey5472

    2 15" zv3 box build.

    Thank you sir!! I have a came along way in the last 7 or 8 years.
  11. mikey5472

    2 15" zv3 box build.

    Here is a finished picture of this box. He did the finish on it, I have yet to see it in person this is a picture he sent me. I am soon going to be doing the recones for this kid too. Maybe i can get a demo after that.
  12. mikey5472

    1995 Eagle Talon Wall Build

    Made a buss bar yesterday. Really pretty simple, just took an aluminum bar and drilled and tapped it several times, there are 9 3/8" 16 connections, and 2 1/4" 20 connections.
  13. mikey5472

    1995 Eagle Talon Wall Build

    Well weather has started to come around, but now I am working 7 days a week. I have everything, just need to throw it all in and expect some magic to happen. No but seriously, I plan on working on it this week before I go to work. Hoping to have it all done and ready to drive in may.
  14. mikey5472

    Chop"s 86' Cutlass

    I wanna weld toooo haha
  15. mikey5472

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    No pics, still needs everything audio wise. All I have sitting here is the blown xcon lol. But thinking about throwing something in there, maybe by slam who knows. Did go and buy a new battery yesterday along with oil change and spark plugs.