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  1. spbfitz

    Sundown, AQ, Alpine, everything for sale!!!

    Nvm lol just saw the post I'm on my phone
  2. spbfitz

    Sundown, AQ, Alpine, everything for sale!!!

    Price on one of the aq's? I'm in south jersey so probably pick up
  3. Well I'm going off what his last l7 sounded like and the box he got is only like 16x20x18
  4. Just got done doing a system for my friend on a hifonics 1000 watt amp and a 15" l7 and the box he got is terrible it can't hit anything below 40 worth a damn. And he loves his lows. So I was wondering of anyone in NJ OR PA would like to get paid to build a box more suitable for the sub. Thank you
  5. What is everyones favorite and best bang for buck? Thank you
  6. I currently have a kdc 138 and I was looking to upgrade and I was wondering if anyone knew would I be able to just plug in the 993x?
  7. I know that but mine went down .5 to .7 with the same weather and conditions
  8. it would be 15.4 at start them go down to 14.7 to 15
  9. the thing is one week ago it was at 15 or 14.7 at idle and now it lost around .7 to 1 and its around 13.9 i have no idea why?
  10. all of a suddened my voltage gauge went down 1 and i checked every fuse and i put the meter right on the alternator it read 14.1 same as the gauge any ideas what may of happened?
  11. spbfitz

    Rate the 18"s

    Why not the dc level 5?
  12. Yeah that was one I was looking at