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  1. groundpoundmonte

    mikey's OFFICIAL build log

    Yeah man his shit is straight up pounding haha I could barely see to text on my phone let alone be able to think when I textd haha it was rough and the pain it gives you is one all audio enthusiast dream of haha nice build mike I got good news for you also but I can just tell you right the single life is good hah now we can hang more again
  2. bitch howd you like the aq's?? haha

  3. groundpoundmonte

    Ascendant Audio 18s in THE Hoe

    Dang that's sexy how u like the kenwOod?
  4. i checked out the manual and it has nothing in it about checking the cd core !!! has anyone ever heard of a cd player telling you to ckeck your cd core??
  5. pretty new pioneer cd player keeps telling me to check the cd core it wont play cd,s or the mp3,s what does this mean and is it fixable ?????? please help
  6. i have the urge to bump i need to stay patient haha

  7. i have the urge to bump i need to stay patient haha

  8. i have the urge to bump i need to stay patient haha

  9. just text me ha long time no talk


  10. hey bro, u need to get on here more often haha

  11. ha ha send me some pics man

  12. hey bro, its doing really really good. i got it in a pretty good box tuned to 28 hz and 6.3 cubes after displacement n it pounds like no other.

  13. hows my sub treting u lol

  14. Biatch. Where is my cd at???