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  1. thebiggmann12

    2013 Tundra Build (slow)

    any updates on this? As somebody with a crewmax getting ready to do some sub work, im very interested to see how the box fits with the seat in.
  2. thebiggmann12

    Sundown SD-3 Line : In the Works

    I'm going to be doing 2 10s ported in my truck, should I wait for the sd-3s? or would the sd-2s be better. I'm not in any hurry, so either way works for me.
  3. thebiggmann12

    looking for 8" free air suggestions

    i don't think i would have enough room to do the manifold idea, it has to be a fairly shallow sub, and making it sit 2-3 inches lower would not help anything. Taking the factory sub out of the rear deck is supposed to make the sub in the trunk a bit more noticeable, but then i get to listen to the whine of the fuel pump which is directly under the factory sub.
  4. thebiggmann12

    looking for 8" free air suggestions

    I do mean i.b. I may be able to fit a 10" but that would be cutting it awefully close. I would rather try to figure a way to make an 8" work. This is not a full blown, sql competition vehicle or anything, I just need something with a little more bass to make music sound a bit better. I will be getting a matching amp for whatever sub I end up getting.
  5. I recently picked up a 2006 Pontiac GTO and it has a weak factory stereo. It comes factory with a 6.75" sub in the rear deck, but it is just terrible. I want to replace it with a nice 8" woofer that is still free air capable. I am not looking for something that will be just as loud as possible, I want something that sounds clean, since this is still my daily driver and I just want it to sound good. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks
  6. thebiggmann12

    I want HIDs, but Im completely lost!

    i hate to be the "debbie downer" but i've had nothing but problems with my ddm hids. im on their facebook and im not the only person either. i ordered my kit, got it in about 2 weeks, not bad considering it shipped from china. installed them the day i got them. only one bulb works. called them probably 20 times, each time being on hold for 30 minutes or so and never talking to anybody. finally emailed them, and told them that i needed a new ballast asap, since i was cruising with only 1 bulb. they told me i had to ship mine back and them receive it before they would ship another one. they sent me another one, finally got to me about 2 weeks after i mailed mine out, installed and it only works sometimes. other times i have to turn my headlights on and off a few times to get it to come on. im not the only person with the problem, it seems their main problem is their ballasts, and number 2 is customer service. from what i have read, they used to have great, quality products, and lately they have been slacking hardcore. just my .02 but do some research before u buy from ddm tuning, or any company for that matter. i got the 55w 5ks and they are bright as hell when they work.
  7. thebiggmann12

    Back To Basics (1974 Dodge Charger)

    this is the absolute slowest built of 5 peices of wood i have ever seen. lmao.
  8. thebiggmann12

    Got my Fi bl but something wrong??

    pull the sub out of the box, and take a picture of how it is wired. it still sounds like a wiring problem to me. do not disconnect any wires.
  9. thebiggmann12

    Solve this math problem

    2. multiplication comes before division.
  10. thebiggmann12

    I need a box design for an 18" SS XXX

    im not very good with box designs, but u could do a normal slot port and put a plug in it for daily listening (lower freq) and pull the plug out for a higher tuning.
  11. i have all intentions on this being my first competition.
  12. thebiggmann12

    What to major in?

    im majoring in wind energy...sounds lame but it pays good and keeps you in shape, and its currently taking off, wind farms are going up everywhere.
  13. id go with the knu, but i have never used anything else. i wish i would have known about knu when i did my car, but i have db link 1/0 gauge and i thought it was thick, but my friend hardrock on here got knu 1/0 and its wayy thicker.
  14. thebiggmann12

    enclosure design.

    talk to bromo on here. give him whatever he charges...its worth it.
  15. anybody play nitto legends? its a pretty sweet drag racing game online...and its free! hit me up if u play brandon7055.