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  1. Quentin Jarrell

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I sure did and like I said if you have a problem with it go whine to Mark and Aaron. If they want to deal with your nonsense over my money tell them I'll be happy to take it else where.
  2. The DSS section is a paid forum section dedicated to the advertisement of the Direct Sound Solutions brand and it's customers. Endless bantering will not be tolerated. If member or especially a moderator does not agree with the specifics of someone else's post, notate your point and move on. If need be the issue can be brought to an open forum section, the technical section for examples. The same goes for OP's do NOT stir the pot. If you do not agree with a remark, notate that you have heard their point of view and that WILL be the end of it. In here I am GOD and I will not allow activity that shames the DSS and SSA brands. If anyone has issues with this take it up with Aaron or Mark.
  3. Quentin Jarrell


    I can refund your payment if you like.
  4. Quentin Jarrell

    Perhaps an explanation? Very different results when tested...

    First off the dats is a hunk of junk. The specs it's showing is proof of that. Assuming you used the added mass method it's calculating a mms of ~10 percent more with a Cms that's nearly identical and a motor force factor that's enormously different. It not physically possible.
  5. Quentin Jarrell


    If you look at the "distortion analysis" graph you will see that the suspension and inductance is inducing 30-40 percent distortion (in other words playing 40 percent more signal than the pink noise being played). This is why you have to look at specs that deal with linearality and distortion in context.
  6. Quentin Jarrell


    Distortion caused by the suspension in the sub realm is inaudible. But this is a common occursnce in most every suspension. You'll see some transducers with spaced spiders and the bottom set will be inverted to help offset the nonlinear action of the suspension. But the edge (surround) plays a huge roll also.
  7. Quentin Jarrell


    LOOK AT THE HUGE DIFFERENCE IN PARAMETERS. The LSI shown is a bit different than the ones I publish because this is an instant snapshot at zero xmax during testing. I take 10 points throughout the testing and average them to get average LSI parameters. Below is the set up for the klippel. Basically telling it how much power to give it and how to limit excursion based on percentage parts limits (limits used when distortion can become audible). Below is how far the cone moved during large signal identification.
  8. Below is LPM or your typical small signal T/S parameters which I DO NOT use. (I'll get to that in a minute) ^ AS YOU CAN SEE THE CONE ONLY MOVED ABOUT .1MM THAT'S ONE TENTH OF A MILLIMETER! Large signal being uploaded now.
  9. Quentin Jarrell

    Just another newbi ?

    Email was replied to at 1402 central time. Don't let anyone fool with it and risk losing your warranty.
  10. Quentin Jarrell

    Thinking of switching sub setup..

    going for spl..yea maybe 3.5 that is just me though..Uh no, I'd stick with the manufacturers recommendation. A box that large tuned that high WILL sound horrible.
  11. Quentin Jarrell

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    etiher your not following the 10 percent rule or its and ID ten T error.
  12. Quentin Jarrell

    External PA Speaker?

    here we go