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  1. I have had this system for over a year and it has been working fine until I got a short on the remote wire coming from my amp and going into the remote IN on the lc2i. It shut my system off, so I installed a new remote wire. once I installed the new remote wire my system worked again however I woke up the next day to find my battery was dead. It turns out I accidentally had a few strands of wire coming off of the lc2i's remote IN and touching the 12v port causing my amp to stay on all night. My issue is that when I properly install the wire into the remote IN port, It no longer turns my amp on. Could the remote IN port on the lc2i be bad or am I missing something else that could cause that?
  2. I know this is a really stupid question but I want to make sure I'm tuning my amp correctly. On my amp the subsonic goes from 10hz at its lowest and 60hz at its peak. If I turn the dial to it's 12 o clock position is that 30hz or is it 40 Hz due to it starting at 10hz and not zero? Same with LPF. At its lowest it's 35hz and at its peak it's 300hz. At the 12 o clock position is that 150hz or is it 185hz due to it starting at 35hz and not 0?
  3. They helped me out. Basically told me they are all the same just slightly different internals
  4. But is there a difference between the 1500D v.3?
  5. Does anyone know what the accurate specs are for the sundown audio SAZ 1500d v.3 is? I lost the paper work for this and i've found 2 sites that claim to have the specs but they are different from one another. I'm just trying to figure out the accurate inline fuse to use and the accurate watts.
  6. So I just purchased this subwoofer Sundown SA12 v2. D4 RMS power 1000watts I have a sundown saz 1500d v.3 but I feel like it's a bit much Specs for amp 2ohm =3000watts x 1CH 1ohm= 1500watts x 1CH 4ohm= 400watts x 1CH What amp would you recommend for this single sub?
  7. I’m not too familiar with DSP
  8. Hello, I have a 2014 Accord EX-L sedan that comes stock with nav and touch screen and the stock audio system is JUNK! It comes with four 6.5 inch speakers that sound super flat and a 8inch sub that isn’t enough for me. I plan on replacing all speakers but I want to know if I can upgrade my system without changing my stock head unit. If it helps at all I have the 4 channel alpine MRV-F300 amp for speakers and the Sundown SAZ-1500d for my subs. If I can’t upgrade without changing my headunit what would be my best option for better sound?
  9. I figured it out. I did have to go through my headunit settings and turn on the internal amp. Thanks for the help!
  10. So I should get a new headunite? I was wanting one anyways.
  11. I agree, I feel like I had something wired wrong or had the gain and or crossover tuned wrong. But once I saw the corrosion I just decided to go back to stock. What I mean by that is instead of having my speakers wired to the Alpine amp I just wired them back to the stock speaker wires that are connected to he headunite. My headunite is the Alpine cde-134hd and my Aftermarket Amp that has the corrosion on it now is the Alpine mrv-f300
  12. I understand where you are coming from, but like I said, I installed aftermarket door speakers and What little bass was coming from them sounded a lot better when I had them wired to the stock amp instead of the aftermarket amp