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  1. They're pretty easy to make, or you could have ProjectDb or ToolMaker make you some.
  2. Here are my old bus-bars that I made to fit on top of dual post batteries.
  3. It's debatable how necessary 45's are needed for daily use but all in all it doesn't hurt. As long as your 45's aren't gigantic they don't take up much space at all, if you're worried you can calculate it using you can use this website to calculate bracing you can also use this to calculate the brace volume http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/enclosure-volume-calculator/
  4. Please post photos and a piece of paper with your user name and the date + SSA Thanks
  5. Stop being a giant? That being said finding shoes for me is a nightmare, I have average size feet but they're a bit wider.. to add on to that my right foot is slightly wider. So I end up with one loose shoe or one shoe too tight.
  6. I'd like to get a suit made out here in Tunisia, you can get one made for about 200 dinar which is under $90 but I'm horrible at picking out styles. I'd like to get one nice suit so when I'm in training at Harris I can be a cut above the other people there.
  7. Hey man! yeah it has been! heres an example of what I'm talking about
  8. How much space do you have under the rear seat? If you can weld/fabricate you could make risers and extend the height of the seats for more clearance. Is it a bench seat or a 25/75 split? If so you could pull the 25% out and build an enclosure there.
  9. Personally I would prefer one amp over two, strapping amps in my experience has always been a bit of a hassle. The Ampere 3500 would be an excellent match for an Evil, I can personally guarantee you that the Evil can take MUCH more than rated as long as you're smart ;). As long as your electrical is solid there will be no issues there!
  10. I sent Aaron the link to this thread
  11. I've installed many of the PBR line from Rockford, they are super tiny and put out a lot of power for their size with the only caveat being they can tend to run a little bit hot, though that being said I've never had one shut off.
  12. Honestly there could be a sizable difference difference since you're doubling power however, you would be better off optimizing your enclosure or increasing cone area since that's a much cheaper route.
  13. Welcome!
  14. Motor changed but the gap size stayed the same, I myself have a first gen XCON and I spoke with Aaron last week about getting a recone and he told me that the soft parts are similar with the spider setup being different and the coil sizes the same.
  15. Yep it should however the spider setup is going to be different in the newer recone but it should sound exactly the same.