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  1. bjfish11

    Fisher Customs Enclosure Pricing

    Yep. Still building for SSA. Enclosures are listed on their site. Let me know if you need anymore info.
  2. Anyone know the cutout diameter on the 18's of these?
  3. bjfish11

    Don't call it a come back!

    Sorry for not seeing this sooner. The ported 10 comes with bracing, but not flush mount. It is a great fit for the SSA Icon. I have the ported 12 and I flip an Icon and Zcon 12 in and out of it. Very strong, high quality enclosure. Is there any way I could special order a flush mount?Yes, we can work something out.
  4. bjfish11

    Please welcome McGovney Designs to SSA

    Looks like excellent craftsmanship. But thats how we do it in the Midwest! Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
  5. bjfish11

    Sundown SA-12 Cutout Diameter

    Thats for the info Sean. I must have overlooked it in their tech section. Their site is up now, and does show 11 1/8. So thats what I will go with.
  6. bjfish11

    Sundown SA-12 Cutout Diameter

    Those are the two I have found as well. Not sure which is correct.
  7. bjfish11

    Sundown SA-12 Cutout Diameter

    Sundown's site is still down. Anyone have this info?
  8. bjfish11

    Sundown SA-12 Cutout Diameter

    Sundown's website is not working for me and by searching I have found confliciting measurements.... So anyone know 100% what the cutout diameter is for an SA-12? Thanks.
  9. bjfish11

    Outdoor Home Audio- Need suggestions

    Thanks for the info fellas, I'll pass this onto him. Anyone else have any input as well?
  10. bjfish11

    Outdoor Home Audio- Need suggestions

    It's actually 2 seperate patios on opposite sides of the house. We probably won't be on the patio as much as just hanging out in the yard. Music source will most likely be regular radio and then phone/pandora if possible. Goals? Well his house is a good drinking spot, so our goal is to catch a good buzz when were out there. Haha. He won't be real picky about something incredible sounding. He's out in the country with no neighbors, so something that will produce good volume while still maintaining some quality.
  11. bjfish11

    Outdoor Home Audio- Need suggestions

    Covered. I should probably add the receiver will be inside the house as well.
  12. Looking for a nice little setup for a cousins patio. I have never done anything like this, so looking for suggestions. Needing a receiver and 4 speakers that are not flush mounted. Prefer to order from PartsExpress, but not limited to that. Price range of 4-600 bucks. Shop for me fellas!
  13. bjfish11

    Don't call it a come back!

    Just missing me the single 12, and you have the entire SSA/Fisher Customs/Khaotik family!
  14. bjfish11

    Don't call it a come back!

    And finally.... Single 15 with medium gray carpet and blue port.
  15. bjfish11

    Don't call it a come back!

    I think these might be a little different than a "prefab" enclsoure.