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  1. From some kicker 10s in high school, its nice to now have the loudest bass at my college with a single subwoofer. Who needs back seats anyway? Incriminator Audio - Lethal Injection 15. Here was a video of me testing it when I got it all hooked up:
  2. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    Well, there it is. Very happy with the upgrade, I lost a little of the higher end notes as my car has low quality midbass, but I went from having hardly anything under 35hz to shaking my windows a little bit around 30hz. AND it gets way louder than my 2 15s. Love it.
  3. Dangercdv

    need help with enclosure design

    The box recomendation on their website says .75 cubes, and 14~ inches of port area. Kind of small, but if you used a 4 inch aero port, it would have to be 24.75 inches long in a 1 cubic foot, after you calculate the displacment of the aeroport, it would have to be well over 30 inches. So its possible if you did an external port, you just cant fit it inside your box.
  4. Dangercdv

    Lethal injection build time

    I got an email saying 10 business days, which would be today. Guess il be expecting more of end of week now, thank you.
  5. So I ordered a lethal injection 15, with the spider option from SSA on Jan 31st of 2016. And it's now been a while and my order still says "awaiting shipment" I'm curious as to how long until I should expect to wait. I'm planning school and building the box and selling my previous system all around when I can expect the woofer to come in. Anybody know the build time?
  6. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    I did set all of them to the same box and same tuning. And the picture was what I got as a result, after changing the tuning to 33-34hz on the Lethal Injection I am pretty sure I will be going with that one. The sundown is kinda wierd looking tho, not sure what happened. I filled in everything I could from their site.
  7. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    Not sure how I would go about doing that? I talked to the guy about building a box, and Winisd shows the incriminator Lethal Injection topping out 125db and its the sub I am going to go with. He builds boxes allot and is convinced he can make it over 125db but in my car im not so sure. I still think ill love the improvment over my current set up. Which is its loudest at like 45-50hz and 30 you can hardly feel a thing.
  8. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    ^ oh wait, looking at "Gain" not "SPL" my bad. Still, im confused about the vent. http://i.imgur.com/fMpd1fc.jpg What is going on with the SA-15? and is the RE Audio SXX really a better buy than the Lethal Injection?
  9. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    well im not 100% sure what im doing but i tried Winisd and im getting two very similiar graphs for the HDS315 and the Lethal Injection 15, but its showing for a 4 cubic box at 32hz, the soundqubed has a little more output. Also, im not sure about the vent thing, no matter what I change the size of the vent to the graph doesnt change.
  10. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    I will do this later, I can tell just by looking that its not the best sub around but for having a 1700rms amp, whats the best Sub I can get for it without spending too much over $200? I like the lethal injection but from youtube videos im not to impressed. Sundown SA maybe?
  11. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    lol, I picture some small child connecting panels of wood together by smearing glue on them with his hands. I notice the specs of the SoundQubed HDS315 are much different than other subs of that power handling. such as higher qts, and fs. I hear so many good reviews about them and their output and how they really can handle 1200rms, but why so cheap? and why are the specs so different?
  12. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    Yes but as far as prefabs go, the one I saw on Ebay, the 4 cubes 32hz, has seemed far better than any other prefab iv ever seen. For one its actually large enough for the sub, and has a good tuning, also being made of birch. It also has a 1.5 inch baffle and port pannels are rounded off, and it has bracing. It actually seems to have real quality too it.
  13. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    The guy im talking about works in a shop, and the best one around here, they work with high quality stuff and iv seen it in competitions, I was just worried about price. I am going to go there and see what I can get for my money.
  14. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    Alright, well I did meet somebody my age who builds these boxes for competitions and for fun, and can give me one for $200 but it doesnt seem any different than this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SOUNDQUBED-HDC315-15-Hand-Crafted-Birch-Ported-Subwoofer-Enclosure-/281889670394?hash=item41a1ef04fa:g:To4AAOSw5IJWdTzu But as a last resort, should I spend the $200 on that, or the $160 on the soundworks?
  15. Dangercdv

    The new setup help

    indeed, thank you. I'll see what I can get out of the local guy around here for $200 and get the best 4 cubic box I can. Thanks