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  1. Kwtruck

    Looking for suggestions

    I'm taking your advise and started building the frame of the enclosure . I am going to upfirethe sub/subs I was leaning towards downfire but decided to keep it as simple as possible. I am going to glass the transmission hump gain a little space there once I figure how much space I have to work with I'll check back thanks for the help
  2. Kwtruck

    Looking for suggestions

    It definitely has to go under the seat my German shepherds wouldn't understand why they can't ride in the truck anymore .
  3. Kwtruck

    Looking for suggestions

    Thanks for the reply m5 I had even considered using a 12 wasnt sure about it being able to keep up with the music as good as tens and the mounting depth I still have a sar 1242d but mounting depth would be a stretch. Any suggestion on what sub to use I had never even heard of the subs in the ssa store till I stumbled across this website only considered the alpine because I have used 1 before I'm always open to trying something new . Thanks again
  4. Kwtruck

    Looking for suggestions

    Looking for suggestions on what subs to run . I've used kicker, fosgate , jl and alpine in the past but it has been a long time since I've had anything better than factory . The vehicle is a 2002 chevy 2500hd extended cab I put a pioneer 6500 in the dash it was cheap and had the features I wanted I bout nvx 6.5 components for the front doors (vsp65 kit) nvx 4x6 for the rear doors run off a pioneer GM-D8604 . I started out making a budget system I picked up a pioneer sub ts-w261d4 and was gonna run it off a older alpine I had in the closet collecting dust MRI-450 I think we'll long story short the sub sounds like a budget sub I tried both ported and sealed pioneers specs and didn't like either 1 just sounded very muddy. I built a quick box just to sit in the back floor till a figured out what size to make the box under the seat . I estimate I'll have about 2-2.5 cubes I'm raising the seat 2 inches just for more airspace and mounting depth I thought about going with 2 alpine type R 10s sonic has them for 135 . The truck electrical is stock already has dual battery's big three is done I will have to buy another amp now so I'll decide on that after the subs to match . I'd like to stay between 5-600 for sub or subs and amp can use 1 02 2 subs I can use the remaining space for under seat storage . I mainly listen to 80s. 90s rock , a little country very little rap or pop but every now and then I try to act young again I. Like tight accurate bass able to keep up with Metallica but I want to be able to feel it also . Thanks in advance
  5. Kwtruck


    Thanks for the warm welcome . I will try to keep the stupid questions to a min and use the search function to answer the ones already asked a million times before . I will ask for help later on a box design for my truck but I still have to decide what I want to run . I thought I would go cheap and build a budget system well you know how that goes a little more here a little more there before you know it you doubled your budget lol
  6. Kwtruck


    I just decided to get back into car audio about 2 months ago I've been out of it a long . The last time I did anything serious mb quart precision power and audio control and Orion were the top brands needless to say things have changed a lot. I have been reading thru the post on the forum trying to catch back up but there are a lot more brands now . If I ask a stupid question let me apologize in advance but sundown and fi and all these other brands ssa sells weren't even around back then .