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  1. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    I just compared the cutout diameters of the xcon and lethal injection and they are off by a little bit but only like .15 inches which makes me wonder if IA was just lazy about measuring to the nearest hundreth of an inch or if it actually only off by that little amount. and I'm wondering if that'll make a difference
  2. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    600-700 a piece because that's about the amount I'll be able to handle not running a HO alt Then i would go with the 15" Lethal Injection Series price 209.00 each.. 8 spoke black cast basket 3 4 layer aluminum voice coil Double Black Progressive Spiders with Woven Tinsels Injected Pulp Matrix Fiber Reinforced Cone Double Layer Foam Surround Double Stacked Magnets with Black Nickel Finish Interlocking Aluminum Spider Spacer Assembly CILD - Center Interlocking Dustcap ADC - Air Driven Cooling Nickel Plated Push Terminals Wrap Around Rubber Gasket 600 Watt RMS Rated DVC 2 ohm or 4 ohm
  3. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    On pre order they are 180 each
  4. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    It sounds like a great set of subs for me to look into thanks for a great suggestion.
  5. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    Those were the exact ones I've been thinking about, and those are the same complications I ran into on how the box is on the BIG side and I haven't heard the cutout diameter yet for them so I'm waiting to hear of that before I can make a decision to preorder them or not. And there also at such a good price. And I know it sucks about the xcons, maybe one day I'll have a little more money to go towards a setup.
  6. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    600-700 a piece because that's about the amount I'll be able to handle not running a HO alt
  7. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    The subwoofers will have to run to their potential on roughly 4cubes per sub. And I notice that the box was made at exactly 8 cubes after driver displacement and bracing so it won't be exactly perfect for another set of subwoofers but im going to have to go with what I have, and was hoping you guys could help me out. Also something else that will come into play will be the cutout diameter of the drivers because the box has a exact cutout diameter for the xcons.
  8. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    Sorry they have to be 15"s
  9. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    Also another problem that comes into play is the fact that the box is made for 2 15" xcons. And is still In perfect condition
  10. joe_prince

    Which 15" sub for me? (help)

    Ended up not being able to come up with the money for them and all the power needs. And now im just looking in a new direction still tryin to use the equipment I have but get a setup more in my price range.
  11. I need help deciding on a pair of subs for my new setup. This setup I'd going in an Isuzu Trooper, and so far I have it sound deadened with sound deadened showdowns, I have the component setup run off of a Sundown 2.250, and I now need help making a decision on a pair of subs based on my box and the amount of power I can run. I already got the box professionally made and it's 8cubes tuned to 33hz. Also Im not going to be running a high output alternator, but I'll be running a secondary XS Power battery and am thinking about running my subs off of the Sundown SAX 1200D. Also I'm not willing to spend over $500 for the pair ( that's including shipping ) can you help me out? Thank you
  12. joe_prince

    Sundown SA-15 Pre-Order

    I know this question got asked but I'm wondering what the outside and cutout diameter are?
  13. joe_prince

    Head Unit???

    So I think it's between the Alpine & Eclipse. I don't really like the look of the Kenwood one. It's about 50/50 between the Alpine and the Eclipse. Any more opinions. I also saw that the Eclipse had 8 volt preouts!!
  14. joe_prince

    Head Unit???

    It looks like a great head unit but how well does it work with an i pod & cd's?
  15. So I've been looking around for a while and am looking for a new head unit. I was looking for one with: - USB connection to charge and control I Pod through head unit. - Play's CD's well. - AM/FM radio with presets. - 4v RCA pre-outs My price limit is $300. And what I've been looking at are: - Pioneer DEH-P7200HD - Alpine CDA-9886 - Eclipse CD7200 mkII Have you used any of these head units, & which one do you think I should get? Thank you, And I'm up for any other suggestions.