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  1. Robert

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Is that accurate price range? I'm pretty sure the price will be the deciding factor to most as this is being looked as a SPL meter and people will look at it as paying for the name on unit SPL/SSA. I am sure there are things that set it apart just curious.
  2. Robert

    never again will i order from here

    Way to wake up my notifacations from SSA land
  3. dohnuts

    1. onebadmonte


      Cant get enough can you player. :P

  4. I can vouch on light kit as I have same kit nice and bright! GLWS sir.
  5. Robert

    Sundown NS-1 Pre-Order (ETA April 2013)

    Fiend itching for my bass fix!
  6. Robert

    Alt problem on a VW Golf tdi

    honestly once your frend modified it without following mechman iinstructons and sending it in your friend might have voided warranty. Call them and see what can be done but I would expect a bill to fix case and anything else on top of shipping both ways.
  7. Robert


    1.941.257.4767 even if you hang up Navid calls back but its good to leave a message. Have patience imagine your personal line also your business line and hundreds calling for different reasons. numbers can get get deep quick. EMAIL sales@crescendoaudio.com Again dont just send one. on sveral boards look for user by screen name epicenter jon. He can also help you. as far as first hand experience with a 3500 I never wired lower than 1ohm and she stll pounded . if you wire say .5ohm Im not sure but if thats route your heading ask about warranty for that as I think its a additonal fee. good luck and happy holidays!
  8. http://store.crescendoaudio.com/component-speaker-systems/
  9. Robert

    Crescendo Midrange speakers

    I have friends that ask simple questions and get turned off hearing "this and that" and although I try to explain the little I know its like force feeding them glass. So instead of boring them to death, if there choice on how they want to do there audio works for them then so be it. I have thought sometimes to myself thats stupid but I wont say it out loud. If they come around later we talk about it more if not they are satisfied, might not be all perfect but they are happy. I'm done with this as it has gotten old and throwing thread off track. Maybe Navid or EpicenterDesigns can chime in and help out OP. And to end this you guys do make sense I'm very open minded thats why I still come here.
  10. Robert

    NS1 info

    All 8000 views are mine on one of the ones up for sale lol might get lucky and get one off someone but if it all fails then will have to cherish one even more and just get it new.
  11. Robert

    Crescendo Midrange speakers

    your answers a more laid back than M5's, but it was from the beginning just a simple question and even though simple answers were given they didn't have to be so harsh. you can write what you want, be yourself but as long as you guys have been on this and other boards most times the tone in the answer messed up and are taken instead of help they are quickly turned around and said the hell with even asking anything else. Keep us posted OP on how things turn out for you.
  12. Robert

    Crescendo Midrange speakers

    Or just make the definitive how to thread on how the proper setup should be so the rest of the world has the door opened in the right direction. I figure the whole car is in a sense a 3 way system being using tweeters, mid bass drivers, and subwoofers.
  13. Robert

    Crescendo Midrange speakers

    average person just wants some mid bass bump between there tweeters and sub stage. They dont want to get deep into the science of it all which would most likely sound better. OP has seen this brand get good amount of reviews and wanted some comfort in his choice before pulling the trigger. OP the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, Since its your car you do whatever you think is best for you they are also your ears so again do your setup however you want if and when you think theres room to improve start doing a lot of reading.
  14. Robert

    NS1 info

    Ok cool sometimes things take longer or they only get limited amounts or they are even sold before they ever arrive.
  15. Robert

    NS1 info

    I stare at it for hours on end until my day will come to have this amp. I fantasize adding to the cart a few times a day lol but recently I notice it says basically out of stock. The year is quickly coming to an end and just want to know if there will be more to go around in the coming months? Again sorry if I missed my answer if its already up.