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  1. Post your guns!!

    Very nice!! Looks good. Hey I think you were the one that posted your gun on my thread before summer when I was thinking of buying a gun. So what do you think of the m&p ar? So far the M&P AR has been smooth and reliable and just really fun and easy to shoot. I would say close to a thousand rounds through it without any problems what so ever.
  2. Post your guns!!

    Couple of mine. S&W M&P 15T 5.56 and Walther P99 .40 With magpul ctr stock
  3. The New Ride!

  4. FrostedFlakeJake's Picture a Day

    Awesome Pictures, what cam are you using.
  5. The New Ride!

    Thanks for the info. More pics would be nice Also what are exact sizes and offsets of your wheels and tires. I am seriously getting ready to order em up. Are the wheels in gunmetal. Thanks.
  6. The New Ride!

    Man that looks sweet as hell. what wheels are they and what size. Also what chin spoiler, looks like Saleen grill.
  7. The New Ride!

    Always thought those were nice. I've seen a few run the 20x10 all around and that looks pretty awesome as well. I have Forgestar F14's on mine, so I'm a bit biased to the wheel design. You should put up some pics of your stang. Could not see the one you tried posting earlier in this thread.
  8. The New Ride!

    Thinking of going with this wheel package. http://www.americanmuscle.com/charcoalamr-20in-0513-nitto-stag.html
  9. FS 2 BNIB B2 Audio CC 12" subs dual 1ohm 900.00 SHIPPED

    Friday Bump, 825.00 shipped
  10. FS 2 BNIB B2 Audio CC 12" subs dual 1ohm 900.00 SHIPPED

    850.00 shipped!
  11. FS 2 BNIB B2 Audio CC 12" subs dual 1ohm 900.00 SHIPPED

    Man thats very low already losing my ass on em.
  12. The New Ride!

    I appreciate all the kind words everyone, Car is bone stock for now and thats not a problem cause it is already a stout package. Coming first is wheels and Chin spoiler.
  13. The New Ride!

    John "Fireball" Urist shouldn't need to be explained. Nice choice and nice car, waiting for the upgrades. Drag radials help tons, if you can deal with them. I got some great wear out of the nitto 555r's as well as great traction. Ran some BFG TA KD tires on my other mustang and they hooked up hard. very expensive though. I will be going with a 20" wheel package on this stang and maybe a set of drag wheels and tires for the rear for days i go to the track. I will have to check out the nitto 555 tires they are pretty popular and heard great stuff about them.
  14. The New Ride!

    And just because a pic of my 04 GT 40th Anniversary!