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  1. TeamNemesis-DJ

    Brutal sundown truck 15k+

    Jerry is as cool as the come .. His truck is very loud
  2. TeamNemesis-DJ

    Sundown or zcon's.

    I'm not sure about that. Im sure about he has the wrong info ..
  3. TeamNemesis-DJ

    Sundown or zcon's.

    Jacob switched buildhouses some time ago Even for the amplifiers?...hmmm I do not like that. SAZ and SAX =have been built in Korea from day ONE .
  4. TeamNemesis-DJ

    Sundown or zcon's.

    You have been told some wrong info from the wrong person also .
  5. TeamNemesis-DJ

    Custom Sundown T-Shirt

    I like it !!
  6. TeamNemesis-DJ

    beware of chrislun

    This is one of my dealers .So when i say it is getting handled .Its just that .There is always 2 sides to every story .I have yet to get the person that is having the issue to contact me ,so i can get the other side of the story .I have asked for some contact info and i have posted my number to call me .Did this on Friday night .So im taking it as there is more to the story . Edit : I know the subs were ordered .Chris told the guy that he had a order that was a few weeks out .Due to having some subs built . Thats the details i have as of right know . And you can believe if there is more to the story .I will handle it the right way
  7. TeamNemesis-DJ

    beware of chrislun

    The "so called "issue is getting handled ..
  8. TeamNemesis-DJ

    Everest 5k just arrived!!

    Not a fan ...to much BS and talking down of other brands ..The seem to like to do that alot ...
  9. TeamNemesis-DJ


    I have 8ga in my SAs ...shave them down in the middle ...then solder ...problem solved
  10. TeamNemesis-DJ

    SA-8 enclosure question

    SA 8 =.5-.8 per sub tuned to 34-36
  11. TeamNemesis-DJ

    singer 260 or mechman 270??

    Easy answer here <<<<Mechman>>>>>/thread
  12. TeamNemesis-DJ

    X-12 prototype box built and installed

    Nice !!! My truck will be the first to ge the X line in it
  13. TeamNemesis-DJ

    2011/2012 Team Nemesis-DJ build

    I wish ...between work and buying a house and about to get married in April .I have been very busy .
  14. TeamNemesis-DJ

    2011/2012 Team Nemesis-DJ build

    Now that is funny .....no matter who you are !!
  15. TeamNemesis-DJ

    2011/2012 Team Nemesis-DJ build

    Its about update time ! i will be doing a detailed video log of my truck .I also a few other installs that i will doing the same for .So stay tuned !!