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  1. 99 lexus es300 alt

    Do you offer anything for a Lexus es300 ?
  2. fi-q broken magnet

    Darn that's what I figured . But thanks for the answer nick .
  3. ib3 8"

    Just figured I would check . thanks .
  4. ib3 8"

    I know that you don't sell ib3 8" subs . But could you and at what cost ? Looking for one for the rear deck on my Lexus .
  5. fi-q broken magnet

    I don't know anything that will really stick ferrous magnets my self either . But I figured if anyone knew it would be nick or the guys from FI . I won't need it to last forever just until my new sub gets ordered and arrives . Now that I need to replace it it would be fun to thow some real power at it . My coils are like new , I never even got them warm yet.I would love to see what it takes to bottom one out or burn coils . I bet it takes a lot . I would clamp test it while I do it . the most that I have run on it yet is 500 watts and that was very impressive . and more than enough for daily listening . I o-scope and clamp all my setups , it does not take all that most think to get loud . even with my btl the difference between 1000 watts and over 3000 watts is not that much . especially for daily listening . its mostly bragging rights . And to get those extra high watt readings you need the right box most boxes have so much impedance rise that they will never get there . so for the folks worried about forcing 1700 watts out of a 1500 watt amp yes it will do it but it is not worth it you will not hear it and neither will your friends . your not a db meter you have ears . worry about a great box . This not aimed at you lithium I know you already know this .
  6. fi-q broken magnet

    Thank for the offer nick . and that shows what kind of company FI is . I didn't think that this would be warranty but figured I would ask . I think that I have already got my money's worth out of this sub . And will just order another to replace this one . Is there anything that could glue this magnet together for while I wait for my new one or is that not feasible ?
  7. fi-q broken magnet

    Trust me I was shocked to see that also . when I took it out of the box I was expecting that something had come unglued on the cone . never would have guessed a cracked magnet .. This sub was never beat and had support for the motor in the box . Now my btl got beat ruthlessly and I have had it just as long . but never did have a problem . I have lots of spare parts for my btl expecting to need them while competing . never did and I doubt that I ever will . I love my Fi subs , and don't want anyone to think that I'm trying to put them down . they are top quality . and have treated me very well. And I can't say enough good thing about the fi-q . it has sound that is unbelievable . I've missed it badly for weeks now .
  8. fi-q broken magnet

    I purchased it years ago . when the q was still vented pole . I think just before they changed to non vented pole . I could be wrong but it was probably 4-5 years ago
  9. fi-q broken magnet

    Why is that hard to believe ? I can try to post pics if people need to believe . I'm not some kid fooling around with gear . I'm old , and know how to build run and handle my equipment. And have never damaged or blown any of my gear . I have different enclosures for each sub so have no reason to ever take them out . I only took my q out because I heard the difference in sound right away . This sub still functions because I stopped right away . and no I wasn't pounding on it either . it was actually playing on very low levels when it happened .
  10. fi-q broken magnet

    Nope never dropped . has been in the same box since new . It is a shame , this sub has been taken easy on since new . I have a btl for when I need to pound . and I have rebuild stuff for my btl and never needed it even while competing but not for my q . go figure . Well still a fi fan any ways . I'm good at getting the one in a million problems .
  11. fi-q broken magnet

    The magnet split all the way around my fi-q , is there anything that can be done to save this sub ? This wouldn't be covered under warranty would it ?
  12. the box and batts should slow you down more than the extra alt. if you were to go dual ho-alt , you could get away with less batts to weigh you down. still going to need extra batt power but not as much. good luck, thats going to be loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 2 12s vs 2 10s

    why not just port 1 x 12"bl should go well with your amp ,sound good and be loud.
  14. Fi q's question

    the q is loud even if it wasn't built to be and yes it sounds unbelievable .
  15. What sort of DB's should i be hitting?

    sounds like your shaking your car with a sq speaker. good job. congrats on your 138db i also have a 15"q that i run sealed or ported, and love it.