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  1. Sneak peak at the Team EVIL 5000w RMS Subwoofer by SSA®

    If there was some evil neos made would they be called agent smith?
  2. SSA Evil 18 Help

    Input level=gains looks like its maxed out. Bass boost looks like its maxed out. Subsonic around 40? Headuniy settings? Dono what box is or tuned to? You would have done better if you would have turned everything to the left. Turn everything Down before you blow that sub. Leave your low pass filter where it is. Are you a troll really ? Nothing on here is correct It's like you saw Jonathan pryce t-shirt that says turn everything to right and you did.
  3. SSA Evil 18 Help

    you can run a 6k amp on this sub and it'll handle it. who hooked up your equiptment? what amp, how's it wired? my 1st guess is, it sounds like you put the gain at max setting and possibly max bass boost which is 1000% wrong.
  4. Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

    You better get busy this is in three weeks I was gonna go but I gotta get the motor in my avalanche replaced https://www.facebook.com/events/731641203679554/?ti=cl https://www.mabfest.com/
  5. Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    Teamoutlawd its a pretty relaxed team. Some compete, but most dont. Think theres like 50 of us. And at any given time therea a handful that will give a hand. No bs or drama it's pretty much the Only Rule.
  6. Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    i'm in romulus, my box builder is also in romulus. kolton who also run 3 zcons lives in monroe. roger who just sold his 4 evils just moved to romulus. kevin sells ofc 0g wire (if you don't mind orange) he lives in taylor. he runs crossfire, another guy lives in southgate? has a crossfire 4th order wall in a car similar to yours. a few teamates live in taylor/dearborn hieghts areas. a lot sunday nights during the summer we have park n pounds at gibralter trade center in mt clemons @ 6pm- . actually just had 1 this past sunday. here an event coming in few months. there's more i just don't have them set on facebook right now.
  7. Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

    Yeah i live 15mins from him. Kolton who has a navigator runs 3 zcon 18s he loves 20mins away. My box builder is 10mins away. Roger lives 2miles from he just sold his 4 evil 18s. Right off the top of my head there is 15 bassheads with in 20mins
  8. Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    tater, you live 15mins from me are you on the local fb audio pages?
  9. The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    Do we have a recommended crossover points for these?
  10. Center console

    it's a 2003 chevy avalanche. i have a set of hertz 165xl's in the doors already. so the mids i'm looking to add will be an addition to the hertz. not sure on how they'll mix with the hertz tho. i do have another set of hertz xl mids only that i was originally going to add. eventually i'll be getting more tweets also.
  11. Center console

    Because I'm already making the center console so hold my batteries. And I don't know how to fiberglass doors. Do you think there's something wrong with putting them in the center console?
  12. Center console

    So I'm trying to make a center console and I'm going to put some 6.5 evils in both sides of it. Seeing is the mids are facing back to back should I put a divider between them? Is it going to call his cancellation if I don't? If I do or don't should I be putting polyfill inside this also?
  13. I was wondering that too. When I made my enclosure for my evils, my idea was going to be have them facing each other just like it set up because that was the only way my partner was going to be big enough. but somebody told me that would be a horrible idea because of cancellation. yet we see it all the time in big builds like this. so I just scraped that idea and went with the standard Port in the Center. .. that Amp rack is tits.
  14. my zcon is done

    12 days ago i pulled my 2, 15in zcons out after running them 11 months. Each one was on its own Crescendo 3500. The only reason I pulled them out was to install my too, 18 inch evil. Granted it's not perfect but first time running this kind of power. I learned about the first two weeks that I had the amp turn too high so I adjusted and been running ever since. I also bought these used and I'm selling them to a friend of mine who's going to use them right away you're right you get what you pay for and I'm not going to pay for an overpriced name I'd Rather Have My Money go to a quality product which is why I'm on my third different SSA subwoofer
  15. The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    psssst it's been a month since they were in route. any news yet?