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  1. RobClay

    Xcon 18's in Exploder. Vids n such

    Im definitely gonna try that, cause i'd imagine im losin some db'zz lol. Thanks for the advice man. I wish, their still the stock ford speakers. Sounded good enough but i got some infinity reference 3ways im putting in
  2. RobClay

    Xcon 18's in Exploder. Vids n such

    Got a new alt and a Superstart AGM from work,other batteries were shot. Discount was too good not to buy. I heard Deka makes superstarts agm batts,and Its holding up real good. I suck at shooting vids, but here's a new one anyways lol.
  3. RobClay

    Happy birthday Mr. LFTN!

    Happy Birthday again man
  4. RobClay

    Swift's 2 18in FI SP4s in 07 F250 HD

    Like others have said it all depends on if you want that back seat out. I love my 18's, id imagine the Icon 18's would slam too
  5. RobClay

    * Trevor's 2010 Audi A4 Trunk Build. Sundown. Fi. *

    Nice car man. That Q's gonna sound good in there.
  6. RobClay

    Pickup up my first SSA today

    Nice man! Welcome to the forum. The Xcon's are a great woofer
  7. RobClay

    Painting or Wrapping MDF

    I know they have carpet for that in the automotive section at walmart.
  8. RobClay

    Xcon 18's in Exploder. Vids n such

    Thanks man! still got the emblems to black out or take off. And alot more electrical work to do. Maybe another 2500D down the road Thanks man! Preciate it
  9. RobClay

    Xcon 18's in Exploder. Vids n such

    Camera does no justice, just got the other 18 freshly reconed and put er back in. Im gettin tired of lookin at this ugly box so its getting wrapped soon.
  10. RobClay

    sundown lincoln

    Car looks good man, and those v2's are sexy. Great scores for a trunk car!
  11. RobClay

    4 15' D-cons in a tahoe. thank's Aaron

    Cant wait to see pics! And 28Hz =
  12. RobClay

    Happy birthday to ///M5

    Happy Birthday man!
  13. RobClay

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    Cant wait till you get to listen to that beast!
  14. RobClay

    Myrtle Beach 2012 - Photo fun

    Good pictures! looks like a nice place to relax