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  1. -Jason-

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    I drive an expedition and a single 18 is a bitch. If I were you, I'd go with 2 15's. If done right, they would sound better than 2 18's in box that'll more than likely be too small. Just my two cents.
  2. -Jason-

    Crown Royal????

  3. -Jason-

    which btl does meade use?

    i know, i was thinking about it but the i dont really like the look of the newer models. so you know about this guy meade on youtube! cool, you wouldnt happen to know what type of sub he uses dual one or dual two ohm, spl or daily? thanks That just made my night
  4. -Jason-

    FI BL12

    You described it as having a small looking port. Hearing this I'm guessing you bought a pre-fab box? If so, there's your problem
  5. -Jason-

    ok all i need to ask somethin

    x2 And I like the "j/k" for sympathy
  6. Yeah that's what I'm using right now for my expedition. It's just that the GTO's stock one is hugeeee. I'll keep lookin though.
  7. I currently have a Pioneer AVIC-F90BT in my expedition but was planning on getting a 05-06 GTO and was wondering if anyone had one and if there is a dash kit for that HU? I can' find one and don't really know to much about the GTO's stock HU. Thanks
  8. -Jason-

    radar detector

    Hah nice. I have a V1 and it's saved me countless times. I got pulled over once and the cop said i was speeding but he didn't even radar me. He was just checkin my stickers. I took mine off the windshield the second i saw the lights. Idk why they left their's up. Edit: I vote V1. I love mine and have never had any problems with it.
  9. -Jason-

    I want to play a game....

  10. -Jason-


    Yeah I'd say go with the XCON or a BL. And i don't have deadener so it's not completely necessary but it would eliminate most of the rattle.
  11. -Jason-

    Hi to all

    Welcome to SSA
  12. -Jason-

    Why is salvia not illegal?

    You answered the question for yourself. Sad thing is, it's going to take the lives of a few kids to get a major push on making it illegal...
  13. -Jason-

    Using bolt as a speaker terminal

    I just run mine through the port. It may be the lazy way, but it gets the job done.
  14. -Jason-

    Steve McNair Dies

    You're such an egotistical piece of shit. Woah.. It's true and you know it too lol
  15. -Jason-

    ground location

    You couldn't be more wrong my friend.