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  1. Gunk

    Honda Civic Coupe 08 2x2k???

    Sounds good to me. I read somewhere that the SP4 is a bit more musical than the BTL as well.
  2. Gunk

    Honda Civic Coupe 08 2x2k???

    Thanks for sharing. Ive been looking at the SP4 as well. What made you choose that over the BTL?
  3. Gunk


    Welcome aboard!
  4. Been playing with box calculators and I'm getting recommendations for a 12" diameter aero port thats 37" long in a 6.5 cubed net enclosure. That's like 2.5 cubes of port! Do people actually use 12" diameter aero ports?
  5. You're referring to a build something like this?
  6. Maybe even a downfiring sub into empty spare tire well could be option. The tire well is 24" x 24" x 6".
  7. Doge Neon HU - Alpine CDE-172BT Front Stage : 8" Beyma 8G40-4 in doors Midrange and tweeters still to be decided. 3.5" Pioneer bullet tweeters in dash atm. Sound Treatment: Spectrum Sound Deadner sprayed on undercarriage Front Doors treated thoroughly. Sealed and deadened as good as possible. Car floor and trunk will be deadened and get CCF/MLV treatment. Electrical: Aftermarket 200 amp alternator 2 runs of 2/0 Royal Excelene welding wire run from hood to trunk Big 3 with 2/0 Royal Excelene welding wire At least 1 more battery will be mounted in the trunk area. Amplifiers: (2) PPI 140x4. The Beyma 8's will be running bridged off one and the midrange and tweeters off the other one. Sundown SFB-3000D for the sub. Goals: Its a daily driver. Sound Quality Loud is the general goal. Secondary goal would be for the sub to hit lows with authority. Ideal situation for me would be if I can leave a 6" section on side of trunk open that I can still push long things through the pass through (corner bead, 2x4's, paint pole, etc.) Questions: Need help with choosing the right orientation for sub and port in a standard ported enclosure... position of box in trunk as well. ***If both firing to the rear, how much space do I really need between sub/port and rear of trunk? ***Is there a situation that could work where I build all the way to rear of trunk and have sub firing sideways into corner of trunk where there is a cutout with some space there? Maybe the port would fire up into the lid in this situation? The pic below shows dimensions that I could work with and totals close to 7 cubes gross. My problem is if my box and port is firing to the rear, I think the box should be pulled 6"-12" off the rear wall to give some space for it to fire into. If I subtract 12" from this depth, I only have a box that's 12" deep about 3.4 cubes gross... (gross). I'd really like to hit close to 4 cubes net on this build so I could get a 15" ZCON in there. I'm fine with building in the trunk.
  8. Gunk

    ZCON in series 6th order?

    I'll make a new thread as this title isn't relevant anymore.
  9. Gunk

    ZCON in series 6th order?

    Ok. I hear you. No offense taken. Any thoughts on sub/port orientation like i mentioned above with a standard ported enclosure?
  10. Gunk

    ZCON in series 6th order?

    If i went with a standard ported enclosure, im having trouble figuring what the optimal sub/port orientation would be in my trunk. Ive seen some convincing writeups that lead me to believe that a ported box is going to have the best performance when in rear of trunk facing the rear. However, it seems like the sub should have at least 6 inches of air space between rear of trunk. So, i lose some potential air space by having the box off the rear like that. With a series 6th i could build to max dimensions of trunk and blow through rear deck. Id have to use a smaller sub, but that was the thinking anyway. Im open to going the standard port route, i just could use some guidance when planning the orientation and position of sub/port in box. Heres a pic of my trunk. Was wondering about the idea of building my box all the way to rear of trunk and have sub facing the side to fire into corner of that recess area in corner of trunk, where i drew the arrow. This could let me build a little bigger box this way... But im not sure where the port should face with that idea. I dont want the port facing the rear do i? It would be right up against the rear wall of trunk.
  11. Gunk

    ZCON in series 6th order?

    The idea would be to hit two frequencies hard instead of just 1. I admit im new to this so im just trying to learn.
  12. Was just wondering if anyone has built a series 6th order for a 12" or 15" ZCON. Would be interested in any enclosure specs and experiences you could share. Thanks.