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  1. Time Alignment and Me.

    Hey Drew, When you gonna get some vacation time to come up here to Jacktown ??
  2. SSA !!! I need your help !!!

    Hey Randal, Voted for you sir. See you Saturday at Rick's Pro Trucks! Hope you win! Come on guys, step in here and help this guy out. Start Texting!
  3. SSA !!! I need your help !!!

    Voted / texted for ya bro ! Hope you get that bed / enclosure / bat rack tricked out before finals ! Best of luct to ya bro !
  4. SSA !!! I need your help !!!

    Cool man, Voted for ya. Best of luck. Keep us posted.
  5. 2010 USACI World Finals

    I'll be there! Best of luck to all that shows up.
  6. [CA-F] Hello all

    Repost ?
  7. [CA-F] Hello all

  8. [Slash Dot] Firefox 4 Beta 1 Shines On HTML5

  9. [Slash Dot] Good Database Design Books?