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  1. 3 8” Under seat Box build for Silverado crew cab.

    Wish I could see the truck we are working with here.
  2. help me design a box for 2 ssa xcon 10 inches for daily

    Welcome to SSA
  3. New 2 SSA

    Welcome to SSA. Blow Through setups can be very complicated to build. Good Luck Sir.
  4. Synergy Audio WFO 35.1D

    I’d say get the SSA and call it a day brother. Just Saying
  5. Sneak peak at the Team EVIL 5000w RMS Subwoofer by SSA®

    WOW !!! Bad Ass Looking Driver !!!
  6. 2015 F150 Platinum Build (Amps, Subs, Tweeters Upgrade) SSA Style.

    Awesome vid Mark.
  7. Quad 10" enclosure builds

    Very nice Enclosure design/build Work Sir. Wish I could hear it !!!
  8. 2015 F150 Platinum Build (Amps, Subs, Tweeters Upgrade) SSA Style.

    Damn I wish I had time to take my truck apart like this.
  9. 2015 F150 Platinum Build (Amps, Subs, Tweeters Upgrade) SSA Style.

    Nice work on the trim rings. cnc / shop bot cut or hand cut ???
  10. Time alignment tutorial

    Excellent Read.
  11. Help choosing tweeters and with installation please.

    I understand and I’m tuned in. Hopefully I can update my build log soon.
  12. Help choosing tweeters and with installation please.

    For “now” testing purposes, you can get a bath towel and put it on your dash. Has the same effect, just covers up your defroster vents. I’ve always learned it best to keep your EQ flat when tuning. Then listen to judge’s opinions and EQ from there. I know, it’s your ride, but if you compete, they have the ears you need to cater too. Just saying. Also, be careful when cutting and boosting left and right separation. You can easily loose information on the left side of the stage and image. Seen this happen many times in different vehicles. Use time alignment only if possible. I’m sure you already know most of what I’m saying here, I’m still working with my tweeters in the F150. Just throwing shit out there ... LOL again, good luck !!!
  13. Help choosing tweeters and with installation please.

    Going back and looking at your pics, I would suggest one of those custom fit dash covers for your specific vehicle. You’d be surprised what it does for your sound stage. I bought one for my son’s stock 2017 Cruze hatch and was really impressed with the difference it made. Anyways, just a suggestion. Good luck !!!
  14. All new XCON, ZCON, & EVIL.

    Nice work Mark.
  15. Help choosing tweeters and with installation please.

    What’s up man ?? I’ve been gone awhile and reading up. Please refresh my memory. Are you using time alignment with this setup ?? Nice review on the SSA products.
  16. smelly sundown normal or not

    More power makes for better driver control.
  17. smelly sundown normal or not

    What is the enclosure tune ??
  18. AA Team box help!!

    Astro van have windows (commuter style) or commercial style (no windows) ???
  19. Need a little help finalizing my sub & box choice

    Guess I missed it, but what vehicle are we working with here ??? I would assume a hatch back ... ???
  20. A simple 20hz tone video with our new SSA F8L 8"

    Awesome Vid Mark. bad ass drivers for sure !!! Wish I had the depth for a pair in the F150.
  21. Confused....MOREL!!?????

    Just by looking at the pics, and being it's a coax driver, I believe it's safe to assume that's the tweeter's crossover network. Looks like a great use of space to me not needing an external device near the unit. I'd be willing to bet they would sound really nice in a set of doors if they haven't been beat up from wear and tear. Hook them up somewhere and let them jam !!!