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  1. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    My last post guys. I guess everyone was right. Ill get nowhere talking to you guys. As for "give one example just once where real measurements showed something and were wrong"? That ones easy! TITANIC!(you know the UNSINKABLE SHIP that sank on its maiden voyage?)
  2. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    Maybe i am getting a little defensive about the Blues product. Its something i happen to be passionate about. We've been working on and listening to samples for quite a long time (off and on since 1998, heavily for about 3 years now) trying to find the best combination of the best to produce not just a quality product, but the best product (and yea ill admit that last statement was subjective, lol). So please forgive me if i get a little defensive when, after winning at two world finals, over 100 combined sq shows, having some of the best ears in car audio(Ralph Randall, Todd Crowder, Mike Darville, Tim Goudy, and so on) compliment the product, acouple of people on this forum WHO HAVENT SO MUCH AS LISTENED TO THE SPEAKERS try to make an objective comparison on price (i believe the term used was "salty") or how they sound (i believe it was said "i have always thought you could find speakers that could reproduce same sound at a much lower price" i probably butchered that last quote but that is what i got from it). It would be the same as me, after looking at a picture of your ride, telling you that i dont like the way it sounds and you spent way too much. I would think youd get a little upset too(if you didnt i would think that you agree with me). And trust me, i understand T/S measurements and what they are used for (you can ask anyone in the Blues group, Ive spent countless hours in front of leap and LMS over the past years, taking measurements, adding cone weight, take another mesurement, listen to changes, take another measurment and etc.(and i havent done half the work Ray Rayfield and others have!)) and low frequency aint the half of it! And as knowlegeable as you seem to be, I dont think i have to tell you that! All that to say this, sorry if i seem mad or upset with anyone cause im not! Im just very excited about a product that i want everyone to know about and to hear(and eventually put in your ride!). please look over the spelling, im sure its bad!
  3. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    Sorry you were right, I ment subjective! Thats what happens when you post while your still asleep! As for the t/s measurements, Ill stick with what I said. They are the reference point of which to start from. Not the end all. Look its like this. Listen to what you like. Dont listen to what you dont like. But dont criticize anything you havent listened too!(Thats price, sound or looks). And my quote for the day: Watch whos toes you step on today,they might be connected to the butt you have to kiss tomorrow!
  4. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    Hey Randall dont throw "who ****" under the bus! Just like everyone else he is stateing an opinion based on facts. Impious made a comparison of the blues speakers to other high dollar speakers (i mean thats the only way he could know whats expensive or not,right?) and who **** just made the comment that he thought since the blues beat the other speakers that they were worth the money. I agree that trophies dont make the speakers sound good and that car stereo competitions are VERY objective BUT, as humans we tend to move toward the "winning team"(if not the Super Bowl wouldnt be the most watched once a year TV show and NOBODY would pay thousands of dollars to go to the World Series) and as consumers we do the same. We also tend to go with ratings of different things,WHICH IS VERY OBJECTIVE! And the way most car stereo gets rated is at stereo shows. I mean think about it: You open your favorite Car Audio Mag and what do you see? If its not a naked female holding car audio equipment in just the right places(or the wrong ones) its a competitor hoisting up a trophy! THINK ABOUT IT! As for Theille/Smalls Stats that really isnt a true comparison in stereo. I know this just opened a whole new discusion so please let me explain. These are stats made by precission instruments to a speaker in A PERFECT INVIROMENT! NOT THE REAL WORLD! They are only to give you a reference point so you can design an enclosure for your application. If you look at most of the reputable companys that leave these stats they even give you a percentage of variable (usually 25 to 30 percent) that the stats are OFF. So what it boils down to is YOU! (the consumer). What sounds good to YOU! I can get you all the t/s parameters you want IF IT DOESNT SOUND GOOD TO YOU, WHATS IT MATTER? As for the guys saying they would quit if they got beat by the corrolla, her are some stats. In 1996, my first championship, the 0-100 Pro Class(my class) was the largest in USACi sq history (over 150 competitors in the one class). In 1997 there were 7 in that class!
  5. History of Blues Loudspeakers?

    RAY WOKE UP! Here is an amendment to the earlier post: The 2 channel amps power rating will be as follows: 75x2,100x2, and 250x2. The 250x2 will be capable of 1000 watts bridged. All amps rated at rms and have a thd of less than .0004%. All amps have AB circuitry and are built for the purist of sound quality enthusiast. The 5.1 amp will be 75x5 and 250x1. All power ratings at less than .0004%THD. The output devices in these amps will be TO3P's, the plastic case version of the metal case TO3. The reason for using these is, as i said before, the cost effectiveness and also to be able to use the smaller case. There is only a 25 watt difference in the two devices but are sonicly identical. This means we can get all the power that Linear is known for with the sound quality and clarity that made them famous in a small package(like i said the 250x2 in a case a little longer than a 1502 with the the width of a 4753). The engineer on these amps, Jeri Mccord, is the original engineer for Linear Power and the man behind the new Linear amps. He left a major amp manufacturer about 6 months ago and has ,with Ray, been working up a whole new generation of LP amps. Without mentioning any names, he was recently noted for his work in developing one of, if not the most powerfull car audio amplifiers in the world! All of the new product will have that distinct Linear Power look(the square designs with the heat seeking fins completely covering the suface of the amps for optimum cooling).
  6. History of Blues Loudspeakers?

    TO3's will be back! The amps being worked on as of right now are 3 two channels, a 6 channel, and a 5.1 full surround amp (the last two firsts for Linear) The power ratings for these amps at last discussion were 2x50,2x75, and 2x150. The DPS style heat sinks(or Wheel Chock Amps as some of us lovingly called them) are no more(too many complaints of "we cant get those under the seat!"). The new heat sinks resemles that of the 4753 (a low profile, wider version of the 1502). The bigger amps will come later. The 5.1 and six channel amps will be rated at 100x4 plus 150x2 at last count. Protos of these amps will be ready for approval within the next 3 months(fingers crossed). The plans are for the TO3 devices to be the Plastic Case style(very little difference in these and the old metal case, and way more cost effective) in these amps. The new design makes gobs of power in a very small space(basicly 100-200 watts in a 2x2 inch area inside the heat sink). Ray will probably correct me when he gets up and reads this, but for now this will work. These amps are about 12 months out and will be MADE IN AMERICA! Hey Tube Doctor if you need that 4753iq repaired PM me and ill get youTIPS number and we will get that taken care of. And for all of you lookin for the BIG Linear power amps, OH MY GOD will you be happy when those come off the drawing board. I dont want to give anything away but i can promise you wont be disappointed.
  7. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    And that's EXACTLY the reason why I hesitate to put the dual tri-so back in the GN. Replacement drivers would be really tough to get. Besides, the dual tri-so lives a pretty good life in the home theater. No heat or cold extremes, no one pounding on it all the time with a modified 5002 trying to drive the 8's through the back of the 10. Plus the box will not fit unless I take the trunk torsion bars out. Been there, done that, major PITA to get back right. Though I'm pretty sure Rich would give up enough drivers for me to do a new dual tri-so in the GN. Do a nice trick box with a plexi front, shiney paint on the interior and led back lighting. Though I would really hate to build something that Blues cannot offer with the new product line. But FIRST, I have to get the Iso-10 in the truck. And it looks like I may not get started until I get back from Buick Nationals next month. Can someone say, no room in my shop? Too full of Buick stuff. I figure if I can get Mike or Jimmy for a couple of days, we could knock the box out, have it tuned and ready to be upholstered or painted. I would like to have it done by Scrapin' the Coast. Im there Dude! Ill tell the red head he has marching orders!
  8. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    Yea thats a 10" iso-kit. We should be able to reproduce those a little later in the year! or you might can talk sq_mgb out of one of the FIFTY hes got!
  9. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    Looking for a supplier for the iso-kits should be out soon. As far as the triso's go, the new drivers wont work in that style enclosure( with the old drivers the characteristics of two eights EXACTLY matched that of one ten and the new drivers dont) trust me, we tried and i cried when that happened. As for TJ's truck, yea i can get 4 cubes (considering the box in it now is 20) but i cant get replacements and even though between you, ray, johnny and me we have the largest surplus of those old woofers i aint willin to take that chance(besides you wont give yours up)!!!and if you did they would go in a certain black prelude way before that heavy chevy!hahahahah!
  10. History of Blues Loudspeakers?

    Mike, How did I get left out?????? x2, big azz black truck, and a black go fast car. We gotta get some time in to get mine together. OOOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSSS!!! sorry well say your the secret weapon!!! Especially if we can talk you into using that double triso in the gn!
  11. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    Talk to Mike, he's the one with the crazy idea (like you) of building a tri-so wall. Get a camper shell/snugtop for your truck and a good case of metal mites. Maybe TJ should do that instead of all those 15's he's planning on. Actually Chris Underwood had the idea of an "ISO-TRISO" wall.....basicly instead of using 2 eights and a 10 you would use 4eights and 2 tens with all the speakers in an iso formation!!!!! Fs would be somewhere below 20hz and would only need a cubic foot of air! And yall call me the crazy one! I probably dont need to mention the power handling capabilities(i mean its six motor structures driving one enclosure) Gives a whole new meaning to 6appeal huh johnny!
  12. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    WOW!!!! How refreshing it is to go to a blog where the argument is about the objectivness of sq and the human ear and NOT about how many teeny boppers hair we can stand on end!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! Impious is very correct, everyone has a different concept of what sounds good! Lord knows ive had plenty of issues with judges and so forth in the past telling me my cars dont sound good and the way i normally delt with that was i didnt go back to shows they were judging! But most judges know they have a certain criteria they are to go by to judge a vehicle. For instance, Ive been a USACi judge since 1989 (went to the first finals that year, it was in a barn in Dallas Texas). I was 16 and had no idea what good sound was!!! But over the years i learned from other judges and people who are knowlegable in sq how to judge and what to listen for. BUT MY OPINION OF WHAT SOUNDS GOOD SOME TIMES DIFFERS FROM WHAT USAC OR ANYONE ELSE SAYS SOUNDS GOOD!!!!!! Thats why i made the offer for him to hear them. And anyone who knows me knows ive fought for years to take the subjectivity out of the hands of judges(even worked with a local computer guru to attach mics to the head of a maniquin connected to a program that could detect optimum stage in a vehicle. 6appeal and i have discussed this tons of times in the past)but a computer cant determine wether a system sounds good ONLY the programmer of said computer which in turn means that ONE PERSON DETERMINES IF OUR STUFF SOUNDS GOOD!! vicious cycle huh!!! And the theille smalls comparison, im sure they even had an opinion on what actually sounded good, i mean surely they had to use their ears before they came up with those parameters we love and use every day!!!! This is an argument that will probably surpass the ages of time but its a fun one aint it!!! oh and by the way impious, can you send me info on that vw you talked about? Ive heard of the car just never got to see it. I thought i was the only guy to go to a gunfight with a knife(I won at USACi World Finals with a Toyota Corolla with no amps and no subs in '96 and '97 all off the power of the head unit). and by the way please excuse the spelling!!!
  13. Blues Production Sub's. . . . . . . Remember

    Good to hear from you too Randall. Ben real busy with my new job the band and Ray!! I didnt forget about TJ just forgot to mention it!! Impious is right got to hear them for yourself!! Ill be in Hot Springs this weekend with TJ and Richard so maybe i can show you myself. I will say this if you dont like them you would be the first so far!!!! and who **** im glad you were impressed to. Hope you can come out and play sunday too.
  14. History of Blues Loudspeakers?

    Your welcome sorry about the spelling. Just to wet your taste buds we are currently building five more sq vehicles. Jimmy Walkers HHR, my wifes 95 Honda prelude, Herman Smiths 05 Dodge fullsize and( since you like history) Rays 93 Ford Lightning and a surprise. Ill give you two hints: One: ITS NOT THE BREADTRUCK(sorry i know bummer) but it is a Ford Two: Its white, LOUD, and takes 3 people to see it(one to say here it comes, one to say here it is, and one to say there it goes!) And Ray says to tell you he would respond but hes neck deep in amps right now
  15. History of Blues Loudspeakers?

    Ok OldSkool here goes! Blues Loudspeakers were origanaly formed by Don Mitchell who was one of the original founders of Stillwater Designs(Kicker) in Stillwater OK (The building housing Richmond-Hill Company,parent co of Blues, was located across the street from Kicker at the time which is what caused the confusion that Stillwater Designs also owned Blues). Don parted ways with Kicker because he wanted a better sound quality speaker and felt kicker was moving away from that goal. Later Jerry Hubbard (Altec Lansing) and Chris Underwood (Stillwater Designs) joined him to build a high quality no frills speaker to compete in the market place of (at the time) high dollar speakers. Ray Rayfield (Stillwater Designs Linear Power Blues) also left Kicker and brought his knowledge of car audio competition and enginering of speakers and amps (designed the original stitched Kicker Subs and Seperates and worked one on one with Jerry M and Ruth Werbac at Linear Power) to the table. They were in business from 1989 till 1995ish when Soundquest bought the rights to Blues. Now Blues/Linear Power is one company(presently in Mississippi) owned by Ray Rayfield. In keeping with the original idea behind the Blues name (more with less) Ray (with help from countless friends) has developed a speaker that hits incredible lows and reproduces unbelievable vocal mids from the same speaker. This lets the consumer get what the high priced speakers (and you know who you are!) produce tonaly with 3 drivers out of two. Just ask anyone who has heard them. No they are not made of unobtaineum metals and have multiple stacks of neodimium magnets but who needs that when they sound as good as they do. Plus they are made in America. Nuff Said! Thats it in a nutshell! Im sure i left out a few details but you get the idea!