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  1. After a few years of collaborative effort, passive crossovers are here for the Evil component system. Thank you Aaron, Julian, Vladd, Parker and Sean. This was definitely a team effort. When Aaron approached me with this idea a few years ago I was excited to design a set of passive crossovers that were based on performance first and not price or size. These really do sound great, I am proud of the design and the rest of the team knocked out a great PC board and enclosure. I don't think you can find anything better at this price point. Also, as SSA is a staunch supporter of DIY, standby for more resources to build these yourselves... SSA Evil Passive Crossovers - SSA STORE (soundsolutionsaudio.com) The SAA (soundsolutionsaudio.com)
  2. 95Honda

    New f150 build

  3. 95Honda

    Aiming Tweeters

    They will have flatest response on axis if they are a traditional dome. Normally, the closer they are to the driver handling the next band (e.g., midbass) the better they will integrate. I would try aiming them on axis at the intended listening first.
  4. Honestly, it is a crap shoot that way. One of the best ways to set the SSF is to use a signal source that will produce a sine wave. You can use an app or find an online source, Youtube has them too. Find out what your enclosure tuning frequency is (this is the point where cone excursion is lowest and port output is highest). Then play around 5Hz lower or however much it takes to get the woofer to unload and start moving like crazy. Now, with your SSF filter starting at the lowest frequency, turn it up until the woofer starts moving about half as much. BAM! Your SSF is set. If you do it by "looking at the knob numbers" and guessing your actual tuning frequency, you have no idea if it is working as intended...
  5. 95Honda

    Adire Audio Pricing and Availability

    We’re you guys able to get the original Adire design pdf documents for designs like HE 10.1 and Hurricanes?
  6. 95Honda

    Am I graphing these correctly in winisd?

    As mentioned, cabin gain can play a huge role at your listening position. Can you get a hold of any type of measurement mic so you can measure near field at the enclosure and then at the listening position and see what the difference is?
  7. 95Honda

    Adire Audio Tech Data Archives

    We’re you guys able to get the original Adire design pdf documents for designs like HE 10.1 and Hurricanes?
  8. 95Honda

    Wakeboard tower speakers

    Spammer lol ^^^^^ on the flip side, just had a Bimini made and SeaDek put in, gonna be a good summer...
  9. 95Honda

    Wakeboard tower speakers

    I think for sub I’m going to do a 12” in a standard 4th order vented alignment. I am thinking of pretty stout driver, either one of the zCONs or a PSI platform 4 or 5... I figure I could have around 3ft3 to play with... I still haven’t even turned on the stereo it came with yet... The components look like decent JL drivers...
  10. 95Honda

    Wakeboard tower speakers

    Yes it is. Just need to figure out what I’m going to put it in. Both cans I designed sounded really good, but I might go back to a higher end 8”. I’ll look and see what is available in March. I also need to look at the boats electrical, there are dual alts and 4 batteries, but the alts are roughly 90 amp i think. JS makes high output marine alts, I might look into those. You are normally at 4K RPM or higher for charging so not really sure about a lot of the car audio alts. I have some homework to do.
  11. 95Honda

    Wakeboard tower speakers

    350 Mags. 01’ with 240 hrs on it. Not a scratch on the hull, trailer queen...
  12. 95Honda

    Wakeboard tower speakers

    I bought a 28’ Donzi a few months ago. I’m going to put a tower on it for a decent set of cans I’ll design. I think a 15” or 18” sub in the mid cabin too...
  13. 95Honda

    Wakeboard tower speakers

    I designed a bigger set using B&C 10 neo coaxs. It was a lot of work to get the crossover right with a low parts count but man, they actually sound really good. The went onto an MB B-52