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  1. That's my problem, zero time bro!
  2. It's been a fun project for sure. You would have really liked the design phase. I spent literally a 100 hours voicing these and measuring a little over a year ago.. A pair was on a test baffle for about a month. Listening, measuring and tweaking...
  3. 2Khz, asymmetric electrical slopes, steeper on the midwoofer.
  4. That is awesome! I had a 78 XLT Ranger addition Bronco about 15 years ago, it was the one that had 8 RE 8s in it if you remember back on SIN days...
  5. We built a fuel injected 429 for it. Pics were before we had the exhaust done...
  6. I'm building a set of passive crossovers to do justice for the SSA Evil midwoofers and silk dome tweeters. This is a no compromise design that uses 48 (!) parts per set. They will be potted in epoxy resin inside ABS enclosures and hard wired with direct connection to the drivers. I have been working with these drivers for a while now and really like them. Install will be in a 1978 F-150 a good friend and I built. The rest of the system will be a SSA 150.4 and a 10" custom built PSI sub.
  7. 95Honda


    Yes.^^ Need to do your homework. Also ask yourself why... If it is to save money, it wont happen.
  8. 95Honda

    Decent HT subwoofers...

    Similar to what I used to get with Ascendent and RE and Adire
  9. 95Honda

    Decent HT subwoofers...

    Not sure why... I have having him build subs for me for almost 20 years... I think about 20 in the last year or so at least... What I like about David's subs is he is always customizing to the T/S I want without issue... I haven't had any issues.
  10. 95Honda

    Decent HT subwoofers...

    Measurements are near field and the TS run was done above with the woofer in box to look at resonance and impedance. I used a Dayton Omnimic, DATS, O-Scope and a home made amplifier driven by an HP laptop to make all the measurements
  11. 95Honda

    Decent HT subwoofers...

    I've been messing around lately with some 15" Drivers David Moore at PSI has been custom building for me to use for a few of the HT designs I have been implementing. I was using a lot of the Parts Express drivers for a while, the Ultimax and Reference series for custom installs, but the prices were going up and my wholesale discount kept seeming to get smaller and smaller. Anyway, David's drivers work well, sound good and measure decent in 3.5 ft3 boxes. Here are some pics of the last few, I have been getting the ones you can see coated with Line-X and the hidden ones just plain MDF. I have been using between 750 and 1000 watts per driver...
  12. If any has a pair of the SSA Evil 4 ohm tweeters and would like to sell them please let me know!
  13. 95Honda

    Help with Subwoofer problem.

    If they ran the sub amp with high level inputs tapped off of speakers in the car sometimes when the factory stereo turns off there is no more dampening of the factory speakers and they act as microphones placing the subwoofer into a runaway feedback loop. Common with cheap install places like Best Buy.
  14. 95Honda

    Wakeboard tower speakers

    I think you would be happy with something like this. The only downside is you need to cover them when not in use due to the fact that they can't take direct water like marine speakers. But marine speakers don't really sound that great for the most part so it is well worth the compromise.