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  1. Dictator

    FS: two Xcon15"s D1 ohm (pick up in VA)

    if you can ship both I might be interested.
  2. Dictator

    Dayton Um18

    95honda I never built a isobaric or really thought about one. Not sure where I would start for a box build since I have no idea what requirements I would need.
  3. Dictator

    Dayton Um18

    crossed my mind.
  4. Dictator

    Dayton Um18

    My hatch only has 12 cubes max and I don't want a box so big I can't see out the rear hatch! I want the most cone area out of the space that's mostly what I'm trying to do!
  5. Dictator

    Dayton Um18

    Or any other 15's or 18's work well in a small sealed box. Been modeling Ssa Dcon 15 and polk audio mm1540 just really cant find one that im happy with. Any other choices? Four 15's sealed or two 18's im open to any brand and budget buying a new amp also wont have problems making a decision for that option (1500rms is the power power band with stock 70amp new alternator agm"55ah" battery less then one year old big three off course and 0guage on everything! MAX volume willing spare 10cubes like to keep it below 8though!
  6. Dictator

    Dayton Um18

    Lol so on topic!
  7. Dictator

    Dayton Um18

    Been searching and looking for a new build idea for this summer in my wagon and stumbled upon the dayon Um18-22 says it works well in 3cubes sealed and 4cubes ported tuned lowwwww which is what I prefer for both installs. Think this sound is promising for "Accurate Bass"? Something different.
  8. Dictator

    2 crescendo bc2000... Must sale

    good deal...but not meant for my c4 vet
  9. Dictator

    My first SUV gets a sound system.

    sexy pictures!
  10. Dictator

    4 Sundown SA-8v2 d2s For Trade

    Ugh I was excited till I seen v2... :*( I need two v1 dual 2ohms.
  11. Dictator

    2013 Chrysler 300 (Fi, Crescendo, SSA)

    Very nice very nice! don't hurt anybody with your powa!
  12. sealed is my favorite way to go but that's my opinion I have my ported want days though.
  13. Dictator

    Amps for sale Sonido Mask ZX-1500's

    That comeback hurt you win.
  14. Dictator

    how do you edit Signature?

    ITs only for special people.
  15. Dictator

    SSA Dual Inputs | By ToolMaker

    Very pretty! hella of a deal.