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  1. spare69

    FI Audio Build (In Progress)

    I was hoping to go to a competition this weekend In North Carolina, but sadly i must work..... Im thinking i will hit around 146-147 DB's with this current setup
  2. spare69

    FI Audio Build (In Progress)

    Haha thanks guys. Yea it was my first time with a router soooooo.. Yea its alot of sanding to do this too MDF. Also the screw were put there intentionally if your wondering (i like the way it makes it look) Heres a few more pics of whats going on:
  3. spare69

    12"Q's or BL's and what options 6th order BP?

    that box looks sweet! more pics needed! what kind of wood is that, i'm using birch for mine.the q's should make a good bit of difference i would think. it might not be as dramatic as BL's but the increased power handling with the cooling option should be a big diffrence over the ssd's. i have the old ssd's that are rated at 800w and i have a crossfire vr4000. the ssd's are not going to be able to handle all the power i want to put out, i know i can tune the crossfire to put out roughly 3k-3500 and those q's should take it easily. i have 270a alt, two batcap 2000's, sealed grp 31 batt up front. Yea Thanks bro! I built it myself. Its a single layer of 3/4 MDF. Normally a single layer of MDF would not be able to handle this much power without flex, but my box actually is inside my false floor of my jeep for extra space and to make it tighter. The box has about 6 hours of sanding to about 220 Grit. Then i Stained and varnished it. I did however double baffle the front for the submerged FI symbol. Then i placced random screws in that so that it would have an old timey furniture look to it. All together i was very pleased with it. Also I realllllllly want FI q's just because they can go sealed. Im personally a very big fan of sealed enclosures granted they are not as loud.
  4. spare69

    12"Q's or BL's and what options 6th order BP?

    Ivve got 2 BL's in a custom normal vented box. They are at a perfect 2.49 CuFt a piece, so my box is around 4.98 cu ft exactly. Sounds amazing and clear. very loud i just need a bigger battery atm running a crescendo bc2000. and 240 amp alt as you can see here http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/59449-fi-audio-build-in-progress/
  5. spare69

    FI Audio Build (In Progress)

    2 FI BL 12's Fully Loaded
  6. spare69

    '06 Euro-Civic(FK2) Simple SQ Build

    very well done, i like how neat everything is. Though i will ask about your box. If its sealed typically you need 1cu ft of air space behind the subwoofer, but if its ported you usually need a minimum of 1.5 for it to sound good. How are you adjusting for that?
  7. spare69

    Where is my sub

    well i just emailed them again and told them to give me a phone number or something so i can communicate with them a bit easier. I dont want to make a big deal out of it, but if they dont get things rolling soon, I AM A call their mamma's on them
  8. spare69

    Where is my sub

    yea i did, well i told them what was the guy said. It was a phone call from ups not an email. but i gave them the tracking info so they can verify with ups about it...
  9. spare69

    Where is my sub

    Yea it did a guy named Mike. This is what the guy from UPS said "He said it was delivered on February 26th in the office, and it was signed off by Mike." guys the problem isnt with howw long it takes, its the fact that it arrived to them for over a month ago and they signed for it and now cant find it..... Oh and they said they would be back with me shortly about it and they havent....
  10. spare69

    Where is my sub

    Ive been in contact with FI and they barely respond to me. I shipped my sub to them 2 months ago and i have confirmation that it was received and signed for by them from UPS. They said they never received it and were questioning me if i sent it. the address is correct btw. They lost my package and have not contacted me back about it after emailing them.... IF....i get my subwoofer back fixed, i wont be doing business with them again....ssa only for now on. Thought id share this with everyone incase this has happened before, or maybe an FI employee might see this and email me.....
  11. spare69

    Your order # and when shipped

    Order number 1089 and ordered it Feb 07
  12. spare69

    Where is my WOOFER?

    I sent my FI BL12 fully loaded out to be reconed over a month and a half ago and it hasnt been sent back to me yet. Ive been in contact with FI and they said they thought it was shipped out already....Where is my subwoofer? Can someone from FI please confirm my order and make sure my subwoofer is done and will be shipped out soon! Order number 1089
  13. dayummmm, i like that! Think i should sell my working BRZ 1700 and get one of these? (the Hifonics)
  14. spare69

    Refund for recone

    They actually dont have a phone number to call, but i got in touch with Shawn about it