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Found 4 results

  1. mikebingham34

    SA-10 Enclosuure Help

    Hey everyone, First off I wanna apologize for changing my mind so much. My financial situation has changed, so my future setup ideas have too. Even though I have not followed through with other plans ya'll have helped me with, I have learned a lot for each comment or post I read. On to the enclosure idea. I will be getting a single SA-10 D2 as soon as my current setup sells. I will be running it off of a BRZ1200 @ 1 Ohm (for headroom). My goals are for it to be decently loud (I have had an E-12, hope to be comparable to that), and flat sounding for all music types... From dubstep to decaf to classic rock to country. It will be in my daily which is the trunk of a 2000 Honda Civic Sedan (DX EJ6, D16Y7 Auto). I am planning on building an enclosure that is 1.4 cubic feet, with a 17" long, 4" aeroport, tuned to 34.8 Hz. My questions are as follows: Is the box too large? I commonly see Jacob recommending 1-1.25 cubes for a ported SA-10. Should I keep the 4" aero? It gives 9" of port per cube (high end of the spectrum for an aero) Or go with a 3", or just go slot port... If I go slot, what kind of port area should I use? Lastly, is that a good tuning? I would like an F3 around 28Hz. Thank you for all your help, as always.
  2. Hello world. Well, here's my Civic build. It's a simple SQ setup. Front stage: 2way DLS UR6i Sub: mac Audio Aliante 10" Black LTD Front amp: Helix H400 Esprit Sub amp: Steg QM 220.2 Stock HU as signal source and re-used Pioneer P88RS as signal processor. (HU>LOC>P88 aux in) It's an unusual configuration, works for now, but I'm really thinking about an Audison Bit Ten. Doors were deadened with SilentCoat, but I still have some work to do on them. Cables are AWG4, and hand"crafed" RCAs. Here's the car - or egg-shaped rocket ship, as some may call it: Old picture of the dash, pre-install (the same, but OEM tweeters): Overall requirements of the install were: 1. Keep everything fully functional, including AC/Radio Display and steering wheel controls. 2. Do not waste space and do not remove spare wheel (we've got potholes in the land of Dracula) 3. "Removability" - I don't want to sell everything when I sell the car, nor I want to buy un-modified interior parts to make it stock-looking. 4. Good SQ, I'm not at all after bigbase or anything SPL-related. As fun as it may be, it's not for me. So... First, I made an amp rack. Simple particle board. It just fits 2 amps, distro blocks and a small relay board. Techflex on most of the cables. And MOLEX connectors for the speakers(1 for midbass, 1 for tweeters). After connecting everything I thought it would have been better to use the connectors for left/right pairs. On my to-do list. I passed the speaker cables through copper tubes, just for the fun of it... Mounted on the left side of the trunk (and yeah, I know the Steg is sticking out): And now, the big mid-bass that goes in the trunk: Now, the fiberglass subwoofer enclosure. This was my first attempt at building one, so I messed up a few times, but quite satisfied of the final result. Enclosure is sealed, but I made it easily vent-able... The round thingey is actually a plug for the port hole. Just need to make another round thingey with a port. Finally: A crappy picture. Well, that's most of it. Still have to work on the doors and some prettyfication. And better photos.
  3. Hey everyone, I just got my o scope and decided to tune my system. First i did the door speakers since they are ran off the HU, and found I have a max volume of 31/50, all the sine waves looked good, went smooth as butter.... then i went to the sub amp, brz1200d, and i have the weirdest thing showing up on the scope. a picture will be below, or a link. i have eliminated the rca's, hu, and almost all factors with this. even with no signal going to it, and just the amp on, no rca's connected, no bass knob, and i still get a feedback.... please help me figure out why this is happening, i dont want to bump my sub till this is figured out.
  4. So I will be ordering an OA-12v2 D4 very soon after selling my current system (Upgrading from a Fosgate Punch P2 12, 2011 model). I have a Rockford Prime P500-1d to work with, so the sub will see just over 500 watts. I have read in many places that the more power, the smaller that the box can be, and the less power, the larger you can build the box... generally. So I was thinking of doing a 2.5 cuft enclosure for the OA, on the 500w. It will be going in the trunk of my 2000 Civic sedan, most likely sub back, port side. Does this sound appropriate? Is there another way I should approach this? The box will be tuned to 30Hz via 4" aeroport. Thank you for any help, and I apologize if I left out any important details.