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Found 5 results

  1. mikebingham34

    SA-10 Enclosuure Help

    Hey everyone, First off I wanna apologize for changing my mind so much. My financial situation has changed, so my future setup ideas have too. Even though I have not followed through with other plans ya'll have helped me with, I have learned a lot for each comment or post I read. On to the enclosure idea. I will be getting a single SA-10 D2 as soon as my current setup sells. I will be running it off of a BRZ1200 @ 1 Ohm (for headroom). My goals are for it to be decently loud (I have had an E-12, hope to be comparable to that), and flat sounding for all music types... From dubstep to decaf to classic rock to country. It will be in my daily which is the trunk of a 2000 Honda Civic Sedan (DX EJ6, D16Y7 Auto). I am planning on building an enclosure that is 1.4 cubic feet, with a 17" long, 4" aeroport, tuned to 34.8 Hz. My questions are as follows: Is the box too large? I commonly see Jacob recommending 1-1.25 cubes for a ported SA-10. Should I keep the 4" aero? It gives 9" of port per cube (high end of the spectrum for an aero) Or go with a 3", or just go slot port... If I go slot, what kind of port area should I use? Lastly, is that a good tuning? I would like an F3 around 28Hz. Thank you for all your help, as always.
  2. Just thought I'd share for the fun of it. Ever since we bought our fourwheeler (a 2009 Honda Rancher 420AT 4x4) back in August of 2011 I've always wished we had at least another good quad for us to ride so that me and the wife could do our own things when we went out to play. On that same note I've been after my uncle for years (long before I bought the Rancher) to sell me my cousins 1991 Honda 250X. Although I knew it had been through a lot (I know cuz I helped A LOT!!) it was still a VERY solid quad and it also got the engine rebuilt a few years ago due to my uncle having a brain fart about the installation of the oil filter in the engine. In the mean time of hounding him at least once a year about selling the 250X to me I learned that back in 2006 Honda started putting what's called a "Sport Clutch" in the new 250EX's. After reading up on that great little idea I really wanted to get one for the family as it would be able to teach the manual clutch handicapped lot of them how to use a clutch without being so hard on a real manual clutched machine (kills, overrevs, underrevs, clutch dumps, etc.). Alas the money was never right for one of those. So fast forward to the last few weeks. I asked my uncle, once again, about buying the 250X. It had sat for the last 3 years due to some issue with the carb and I figured that after sitting that long if I was ever going to have the chance this would be it. I couldn't believe my luck!! He finally said yes!!! So, I went and picked it up last weekend (the 21st) and brought it home. Took the carb off and found a clogged idle jet and a passage or two that were less than perfectly clean. Threw it back together and BOOM, it fired right up and ran perfect! So we spent the day Sunday playing around on the new (to us) quad and having an all around good time with a 23yo machine that runs and looks like it's only a few years old. All the fenders are in perfect shape, the seat cover is in great shape and the original, it even has the original 1991 headlight bulb (high beam only working tho) in it, lol. $750 for a machine I've loved literally since I was a kid. Then the unexpected happened. I was still hunting around for a 250EX, though I was skeptical I would find one for a price I was willing to pay for it and it still be any count. Monday (the 23rd)I logged on and checked out a few listings on CL while on lunch break at work and I ran across a 2007 250EX that was listed as being in like new shape. Owned by a woman who had ridden it only a hand full of times, got pregnant and hadn't ridden it since. It sounded too good to be true as the price on the listing was $2300 OBO. I thought, "What the hell?!?" right? and called her up. She answered the phone, we talked a little, I got the same spill as the ad stated. After talking to her about the number of people who had been looking at it I asked if I could take a look at it that evening and it was on. My wife, our best friend and I went down and when she opened the garage door up, damn. The machine very literally looked like BRAND NEW. There wasn't a spec of dirt to be found on it, the original tires still had the little rubber teets on them, there wasn't even scratches on the plastic from rubbing them against brush on a trail. I shot her an offer of $1800, she countered with $2000 and we settled on $1900!! Unbelievable! I was able to get two quads I had really been wanting at great prices in a 48hr period! Sorry for the long story guys, but the excitement has been welling up inside and I had to share it somewhere, lol. Here's a few pics of the great new toys. I gotta get a few more of the 250X, and yeah the 250EX has a few girly stickers on it, but what do you expect? It was originally owned by a woman, lol. Almost no one lives anywhere near me, but if you're ever interested in going riding someplace new come on down, up, or over!
  3. Hey guys, so i'm at a stump with my electrical in my car. I have two sundown SA-15's in my Honda CRV being powered by a hifonics HFI 1500d. I would love to upgrade my amplifier and get about 2500 watts to the subs but my voltage is too low for that type of power. I have been searching for a compatible high output alternator with the CRV for a while now, but have had no luck. Also the alternator is located under the engine so I would have to pay a shop to go in there and install it. All lots of money i don't have to spend. Are there any other ways i can give my electrical system a boost to maintain that 13.8+ to power a higher wattage amplifier? I have already done the big 3 fyi and have a kinetic hc 1800 in the front. thanks
  4. Just wanted to throw this up because I thought it was pretty legit. This guy is amazing.. We were just having some fun around Kansas City. http://youtu.be/-sbPxL_Jyfc
  5. Im building a box for two SA-15's to go in a 2006 honda crv. I will be running them off a HFI 1500D and extra battery. I got the enclosure design from the ssa store and am hoping it works out good. The enclosure is going to be double flushed with bracing and tuned to 35 hz at 8 cubes. My goal is to hit 145 db+ and will upgrade alternator and amp in the future. Im going to post pics of my box build and system should be in by late april. Stay posted and if u have any suggestions or comments don't hesitate!