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Found 10 results

  1. Parting with my beloved 80PRS .... Don't really want to see her go but I'm not one to waste amazing hardware SOLD PayPal verified only ... Unit is in great condition. Comes with bluetooth mic and TA mic. Also has wiring harness and remote plus faceplate case Photos below (sorry if not great but taken with iphone 7 plus aka my next listing)
  2. Like the title says.... Getting rid of this bad boy, has all accessories (even the GPS antenna) except USB wire which you can pick up any where (USB extension cable).... I will let this go for $675 shipped.... Price: $675 PAYPAL ONLY Shipping within continental US only ***MODs I took photo last night but had issues getting onto the PC hope yesterday date ok*** Buy with confidence, long time member of the community...
  3. Figured I should start a build log since I've gone through so much trial and error in getting this stereo to sound good. I'm already done with most things but I did take pictures along the way so i'll get that all uploaded when i get photobucket or imgur figured out. I bought my passat almost a year ago, the weekend after black Friday to be exact, and knew immediately that it needed some love in the bass department. I had a rockford p-300-12 powered enclosure lying around that i once had mounted in a big self-propelled sprayer that i basically lived in for 3 summers, threw that in along with a rockford loc, rockford rca's, and some ebay 4ga cca to get it powered. That sounded awesome for the average non-basshead and would suffice until i found a real solution.... Did some searching and found this great place! After searching and reading here for hours I decided on a Fi BL 12 for a sub and a BRZ1200.1 hifonics amp to power it since i'm a poor college student and can't afford a bc, aq or saz lol I built a vented box for the BL that was 2.68ft^3 tuned to 28.5hz After I finished the box I had to stuff foam above the headliner near the upper brake light and under the rear deck to stop some rattling. Installed some dampener (dynamat and ebay stuff) to the trunk lid, under the trunk carpet on the floor, and rear deck from inside the trunk. dampener helped a ton. After the substage I realized that the stock front stage was not going to cut it... I knew that I wanted to fill some of the lacking upper bass frequencies with some volume so I was looking for the biggest components I could get for a decent price. Ended up getting the xr1800p components from Kenwood. They've got a big 7" woofer and an oversized 1 3/16" tweeter with external crossovers. currently the set is being powered by a dusty old pioneer 4-channel amp GM-x524. I'm not perfectly satisfied with the front stage for now since the amp likes to protect at high volumes and I've got some fuzzy distortion from the tweeters in certain frequencies. once i change the amp to the GM-d8604 class d 4-channel from pioneer I think it will get much better as I have the older GM-d9500f version in my s10 that never protects and has no distortion until extreme volume. also ran another 4ga run of cca to the trunk and a distribution block when I added the second amp. Also changed out the stock HU for a Pioneer Avh2600bt touchscreen unit which is fantastic for the money. I decided that the box was tuned too low so I chopped 10.5" off the port giving me a 2.88ft^3 net volume tuned to 32.2hz and was much happier! Now for the real reason I'm starting this build log.. I'm going to try a 6th order bandpass to keep this 'new to me' low end rumble and get back the awesome upper frequency volume from my mtx square sub in my s10 for when i want to blast the 50hz Flux Pavilion bass cannon! Much more to follow, including pics for the above^ stuff!
  4. I am trying to run the auto-eq on my unit. I keep getting an error message for outside noise. I am running in 3-way active mode. Internal amp is turned off. I did reset the head unit and tried again and still had the same error. I am performing the auto-eq in a very quiet closed garage. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Okay, this little build will be going into my 1992 Oldsmobile 88. I bought the car about 7 years ago right after I started working for the pipeline I'm working for now. I got a hell of a deal on it and got it so that I had a car just for driving to work so my wife would still have the van to drive at home. I only drove the car for a couple of years before I bought the Jimmy and right after that I gave the Olds to my mother and father in law to drive because their car broke down and my mother in law was having to run around to doctors and things for her cancer treatments and such. Well fast forward from then and I find myself with the Jimmy out of commission and my father in law wasn't driving the Olds anymore because he had gotten his own car. So he gave the car back to me so I could have something to drive to work again. Just before I gave the car to him to drive I had dropped an OLD Pioneer CD player I had bought used on Ebay for $20 to put in the car because the factory radio didn't work. I also put a pair of Hifonics Zeus Components I had lying around from another project in the rear deck in place of the bad factory 6x9's. It still sucked but it made music. Now after driving the car awhile again I've gotten fed up with the damned thing. Only one of the mids in the Zeus components are working anymore and the front factory tweeter/mid thing in the front doors are shot. So I've picked up a little bit of stuff I got for cheap and I'm hopefully going to get it sounding better than it is right now. I'm also going to use this little build as an experiment as well on some ideas I have floating around in my head. The equipment going in: Pioneer DEH-X7500HD - Used a discount I had on hand at SonicElectronix to get it for under $80 Aura 4x6 coax's - On clearance at PE. I don't normally mess with oval speakers and such but for their clearance price I wanted to try them out. Going in the front doors. Dayton SD215A-88 - Used a promo code here and got them for $19 each. Going to use the pair as dedicated midbasses in the rear deck. JBL GTO1004 - Already have it on hand, will use it's internal crossovers to run the Aura's up out of harms way and utilize the Dayton's in the midbass range. We'll see how it turns out. It should be a fairly quick and easy build. The goal is simply to get something that sounds reasonably good with better overall response than it has now and able to get more volume out of it than it can produce now, especially without the front speakers sounding like they're going to puke on every drum hit even at low listening levels.
  6. Hello world. Well, here's my Civic build. It's a simple SQ setup. Front stage: 2way DLS UR6i Sub: mac Audio Aliante 10" Black LTD Front amp: Helix H400 Esprit Sub amp: Steg QM 220.2 Stock HU as signal source and re-used Pioneer P88RS as signal processor. (HU>LOC>P88 aux in) It's an unusual configuration, works for now, but I'm really thinking about an Audison Bit Ten. Doors were deadened with SilentCoat, but I still have some work to do on them. Cables are AWG4, and hand"crafed" RCAs. Here's the car - or egg-shaped rocket ship, as some may call it: Old picture of the dash, pre-install (the same, but OEM tweeters): Overall requirements of the install were: 1. Keep everything fully functional, including AC/Radio Display and steering wheel controls. 2. Do not waste space and do not remove spare wheel (we've got potholes in the land of Dracula) 3. "Removability" - I don't want to sell everything when I sell the car, nor I want to buy un-modified interior parts to make it stock-looking. 4. Good SQ, I'm not at all after bigbase or anything SPL-related. As fun as it may be, it's not for me. So... First, I made an amp rack. Simple particle board. It just fits 2 amps, distro blocks and a small relay board. Techflex on most of the cables. And MOLEX connectors for the speakers(1 for midbass, 1 for tweeters). After connecting everything I thought it would have been better to use the connectors for left/right pairs. On my to-do list. I passed the speaker cables through copper tubes, just for the fun of it... Mounted on the left side of the trunk (and yeah, I know the Steg is sticking out): And now, the big mid-bass that goes in the trunk: Now, the fiberglass subwoofer enclosure. This was my first attempt at building one, so I messed up a few times, but quite satisfied of the final result. Enclosure is sealed, but I made it easily vent-able... The round thingey is actually a plug for the port hole. Just need to make another round thingey with a port. Finally: A crappy picture. Well, that's most of it. Still have to work on the doors and some prettyfication. And better photos.
  7. sps1989

    Small 1993 Camaro Build

    I have a 1993 Chevrolet Camaro that a customer wanted to put a little bump in... Install includes: Pioneer DEH-X7500S Sundown SA-8 v1.5 Old Rockford Fosgate 300w mono Box by me Soon to come some door speakers... Now here's some pics...
  8. sps1989

    Plenty of Stuff FST

    I am looking to trade but will sell if the price is right... I have: 1- Pioneer AVIC-D3 double din with 2012 maps- $350 1- Sundown SA-10 d4 with one missing terminal but has a bolt in its place- $125 2- Sundown SD-2 10s d2 in a custom ported box- $350 1- Memphis Power Reference 15" s4- $125 (may be able to get the other back to make a matching pair) 2- Kicker L5 12" d4s in custom bedlined box- $375 1- American Bass XL-10- $40 1- German Audio shallow mount 10" s4- offer 2- Kicker CVT 10" s4 subs in a box for a 2003 Toyota Tacoma single cab- $200 1- JL TMA 500.1- $100 1- Kicker ZR360 2 channel- offer 1- Rockford Fosgate 4600x 4 channel- offer 1- Realm A600.4 4 channel- $125 1- Ported Probox for 1 10" sub made for a 07+ GM crew cab $200 1- Ported probox for 1 10" sub made for any single cab truck and some ext. cab trucks- $75 Variety of 12" sub boxes And more... Trades: Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS Crescendo C1000.4 Crescendo C1100.4 PS3 Cab over camper 1911 .45s 9mm Offer up http://s684.photobucket.com/albums/vv202/sps1989/selling
  9. I'm thinking about a PRS-80 to replace my Kenwood KDC 896. Its a very good quality deck, but there's not many audio adjustments and the interface is hard to use while driving. Would the PRS-80 be a considerable upgrade from a SQ and ease of use standpoint? . If anyone has a better suggestion for a head unit or maybe an alternative (Sound processors) please let me know. Price cap for head unit - $350 My vehicle and setup 1999 Dodge Dakota SLT EXT cab V-6 Head unit - Kenwood KDC 896 Front- Alpine Type R 6.5" componentsRear - Pioneer TSD 6.5" coaxialsSpeaker amp - Alpine PDX - 5 @ 100 rms *4 VerifiedSubwoofer amp - JL JX 1000/1Subwoofer - SA-12 in 1 cu sealed/Ported box ELECTRICAL 136 amp alt750 CCA Class 27 BatteryLanzar 6 farad capacitor (LOL)4 Guage big 3All amp power wire 4 Guage
  10. Hi guys, I currently have two regular pioneer 10" shallow mount subs in the back of my dodge ram. i was planning on upgrading to the the premium pioneer 10"s ( the s4 model) this friday. I have a rocksford fosgate r500 d series amp. the old subs run at around 200-250 rms i belive, and the new ones would run at 300 rms. my amp pushes out 500 raw rms. i am not sure ( despite what they told me at the aduio shop) wether or not my amp will be enough to properly power the new subs. The guy says whenever he does a system with the preium pioneers he uses the r500 amp. However, i'd hate to upgrade only to see a minimal change in performance. does anyone have any kind of experience with this sort of thing?