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  1. spanky1975

    T-line for 3 SSA DCON 12's ???

    Thanks Cobra93. Will post pics and results when I start the project.
  2. spanky1975

    T-line for 3 SSA DCON 12's ???

    no comment.....just looking for feedback from people with experience with them or design help....thanks
  3. spanky1975

    T-line for 3 SSA DCON 12's ???

    1999 Suburban
  4. I am thinking about building a T-line for my 3 SSA DCON 12's. Has anybody here tried it or have any experience with T-lines? If anybody wants to give a shot at helping with the design it would be great. Before you comment that "The box will be huge!" , yes I know. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I will try that for sure. I have adjusted phase a little and T/A. I am kinda just going by ear now. I don't know anybody close to me that is very good at tuning. So I am just doing all this myself.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I did only do the Auto-EQ for an initial starting point.I have adjusted a lot since then. And, it keeps getting better. I am running Active in network mode and internal amp turned off. I still have some adjusting to do but it is very loud and very clean.
  7. Well, I finally got it to work. After just a little adjusting by my ear it now sounds amazing.
  8. Yea. Head unit is awesome. I have heard good things and bad about the auto-eq. Figured I would try it out.
  9. I am trying to run the auto-eq on my unit. I keep getting an error message for outside noise. I am running in 3-way active mode. Internal amp is turned off. I did reset the head unit and tried again and still had the same error. I am performing the auto-eq in a very quiet closed garage. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Here is the link to the thread with my exact box design. http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/57667-box-design-3x-ssa-dcon-12s/?hl=%2Bdcon+%2B12%26%2339%3Bs Hope this helps. Thanks
  11. Ok. Thanks. I will cut off of the other side and see how it sounds. I may end up replacing the subs with 2 18's but this is a quick and cheap fix for now. Thanks again.
  12. Hello, I have 3x SSA DCON's in a box that I handmade from a design from a member here. I recently bought a new SUV and the box will not fit. The box is too wide by 1 inch. The inside area of the port now is 14 3/8" X 7 1/2" ....if I cut 1 inch off of the port then the new port would be 14 3/8" X 6 1/2". Would this change the sound of the subs a lot or would it be ok to do this ? Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. spanky1975

    3x SSA DCON 12's Tahoe.....144.57 TernLab

    Haha, that's awesome. Thanks again for your help. I've had many compliments on the design and how it turned out. I'm extremely happy with it also. A friend of mine says I would do pretty good at some competitions around here for my class. If I go to any I will be sure to post my results here. Thanks again.
  14. spanky1975

    3x SSA DCON 12's Tahoe.....144.57 TernLab

    Thanks Alton. I think it may have been your design now that I think about it. And thanks for all the comments. They do sound great.
  15. spanky1975

    3x SSA DCON 12's Tahoe.....144.57 TernLab

    BOX IS 6.75 cu.ft. @ 32 HZ