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  1. Im not too worried. I mean if I save cash I can get the rest sooner. But not necessary
  2. My current setup consists of: -Advance auto parts group 34/78 up front -stinger spp1500d in the back -mechman 270a alt -Crescendo bc2k -Crescendo c1100.4 -Knu konceptz 1/0 all around including big 3 I was wanting to upgrade to something bigger (maybe a dc level 6 18). I am tore between 2 options...(both options will have c1100.4 and same batteries plus some later down the line) 1st: -Taramps hd5000 -2 positive runs of sky high 2/0 from front to back -3 positive runs to the amp -Big 3 in sky high 2/0 2nd: -Another bc2k strapped to the other one -1 run of sky high 2/0 from front to back -2 runs of knu 1/0 or 1 run of sky high 2/0 to each bc -big 3 in sky high 2/0 I can save money going with another bc, but would the more efficient taramps be a better option? Im just curious of yalls thoughts on the taramps.
  3. sps1989

    4 Sundown SA-8v2 d2s For Trade

    Sorry guys. I have been busy and forgot to check here. But not separating unless an amazing deal comes up. But $600 plus shipping...
  4. So I can pretty much get the dc power dual alt kit and be good to go? And just run the positive and ground from my second alt to the secondary battery?
  5. I have been considering running dual alts in my silverado and was wanting to know a few things... 1. I have a Mechman 270 installed right now. Can I install my stock alt and add the mechman back on a dual alt bracket? 2. Can I use the stock alt to run stock electrical and the mechman to run everything else? Or do I have to run them together? 3. How do I wire in the second alt if its possible to run the different sizes?
  6. I am thinking about trading or maybe even selling my SA-8s. They were not used very long. I couldn't get my box to sound right. So I just took em out and they have been sitting in my closet for a while. I have decided to just go big or change 8s I would be interested in: DC 8M3s DC lvl 6 18 m3 DC lvl 5 12s Crescendo BC3.5k (or similar) Crescendo BC2k (or similar) maybe something else (nothing mainstream like kicker or rockford or jl...) DC Audio has priority...but feel free to offer up As for selling...offer up but lowballs will be ignored. Remember that these are lnib
  7. sps1989

    2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD Build

    Sorry moved the pics again. But here is a link to all the pics... http://s684.photobucket.com/user/sps1989/slideshow/chevy
  8. sps1989

    2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD Build

    cant seem to fix the rattle, so i decided to change it up a little while i work on the box for the 8s... I decided to use my DC XL 18 m1 I had laying around with my new Pioneer AVH-5500BHS and Crescendo C1100.4 and Crescendo comps...
  9. I have 4 Sundown Sa-8 V2s that I am thinking about putting in a 4th order box and I have a few questions about how to design it. 1. Do I use the manufacturer's specs for the sealed part? 2. What is the best ported to sealed ratio for a box that I would like to have an output of 20s+ hz? 3. Would tuning the ported area to 45 hz give me the best range in frequency response? (Maybe 20s-60s or so)
  10. sps1989

    Small 1993 Camaro Build

    Thanks. Hopefully we can add more later on...
  11. sps1989

    Small 1993 Camaro Build

  12. sps1989

    Small 1993 Camaro Build

    Sorry guys. I moved my pics without thinking...
  13. sps1989

    Small 1993 Camaro Build

    That is correct. And Thanks
  14. sps1989

    Small 1993 Camaro Build

    Thanks. And its 3/4" and yeah the diablos are awesome blades
  15. sps1989

    Small 1993 Camaro Build

    .75 cubes tuned to 34 hz