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  1. im not upgrading the amp. im upgrading the subs from the regular shallow mount pioneers to the premium s4 model. so would i see any significant difference in sq or spl if i went through with this upgrade?
  2. would there be a significant difference in sq or spl when upgrading from the regular to the premium? i was uanble to find anything online comparing the two
  3. i'm changing the subs. from 2 10's that support 200rms. to 2 10's that support 300 rms. so they can handle more power. my question, is whether or not my amp can support this upgrade. the guys at the shop say it will, but i never make it a habit to blindy trust the salesman. i already have the rocksford fosgat r500 d series amp.
  4. Hi guys, I currently have two regular pioneer 10" shallow mount subs in the back of my dodge ram. i was planning on upgrading to the the premium pioneer 10"s ( the s4 model) this friday. I have a rocksford fosgate r500 d series amp. the old subs run at around 200-250 rms i belive, and the new ones would run at 300 rms. my amp pushes out 500 raw rms. i am not sure ( despite what they told me at the aduio shop) wether or not my amp will be enough to properly power the new subs. The guy says whenever he does a system with the preium pioneers he uses the r500 amp. However, i'd hate to upgrade only to see a minimal change in performance. does anyone have any kind of experience with this sort of thing?