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Found 15 results

  1. CandyGang916

    Fi BL 12v3 Enclosure help

    First post here at SSA. Looking for some help, I need to build an enclosure for my new sub and am looking for some help on a design. I can give up 34.5w X 20d X 15.5 OD max. I'm looking to get tuned to 32hz @ 2.5 cubes. I am going to be starting this build in the morning any help is greatly appreciated. I can't wait to hear this thing come to life. Just looking to get some help so I can visualize what I'm building. I will mess around with some numbers on Torres and try to post them up. It will be going in a Toyota Corolla and running off a crescendo s1500.1 so 1500w. Mostly hip hop music is what I listen to. Also, I work out of my car and have to use my trunk so I have to have my sub facing forward (into the car) to prevent the sub getting damaged. My current port is side firing but I would like to have this one facing forward. I'm open to any recommendations.
  2. Hey guys. I found a BL 15 for $230 and couldnt pass it up. Anyway I have a BL 15 with the cooling and daily option. The new one has the flatwind and SPL option. Would putting both of these in the same box cause problems? Would playing music through the SPL option sub be an issue?
  3. rmksledhead

    My Bl 12

    Well after a few months of owning my Bl 12 I've learned that I won't buy a mainstream sub for myself ever again! I also won't ever build a box that isn't as good or better than the one that I built for this beast either! Its only seen a 1200w rms hifonics amp the time that I've owned it and I feel it could handle 2000w with proper crossover tuning. I ended up building a box which after bracing was really close to 2.45ft^3 and tuned to 30hz give or take a hertz(not sure if the port is "exactly" 2.5x12" and "exactly" 31.25" long). It gets much lower than the system in my s10 that is for sure! Although I do love the way it sounds down low, I'm missing the volume i had in the upper frequencies(below 55hz). Its so much different that when I listen to rock I can hardly tell that I have a sub in the vehicle where in my s10 you feel every bass drum kick in your chest. I dont want to blame this on the sub since the enclosure is tuned so low and I still have the stock front stage and HU. I'm in the process of installing some kenwood components (xr1800p) in the doors and powering them with an old pioneer amp i had lying around(gm x524) and I'm replacing the head unit with a AVH2600bt pioneer touchscreen. I really hope that its the front stage making the biggest difference in the way the upper bass frequencies feel and that I'll love everything about the system in my passat better than the s10. I plan on updating this thread when Its all complete. I also finally found a method of inputting parameters into Win ISD that works! I won't say that I regret getting the BL but after seeing how it and the Q compare I would get the Q next time around. Here is a comparison of 5 12" subs around the price of the Bl all modeled in my system on an SPL graph.
  4. Figured I should start a build log since I've gone through so much trial and error in getting this stereo to sound good. I'm already done with most things but I did take pictures along the way so i'll get that all uploaded when i get photobucket or imgur figured out. I bought my passat almost a year ago, the weekend after black Friday to be exact, and knew immediately that it needed some love in the bass department. I had a rockford p-300-12 powered enclosure lying around that i once had mounted in a big self-propelled sprayer that i basically lived in for 3 summers, threw that in along with a rockford loc, rockford rca's, and some ebay 4ga cca to get it powered. That sounded awesome for the average non-basshead and would suffice until i found a real solution.... Did some searching and found this great place! After searching and reading here for hours I decided on a Fi BL 12 for a sub and a BRZ1200.1 hifonics amp to power it since i'm a poor college student and can't afford a bc, aq or saz lol I built a vented box for the BL that was 2.68ft^3 tuned to 28.5hz After I finished the box I had to stuff foam above the headliner near the upper brake light and under the rear deck to stop some rattling. Installed some dampener (dynamat and ebay stuff) to the trunk lid, under the trunk carpet on the floor, and rear deck from inside the trunk. dampener helped a ton. After the substage I realized that the stock front stage was not going to cut it... I knew that I wanted to fill some of the lacking upper bass frequencies with some volume so I was looking for the biggest components I could get for a decent price. Ended up getting the xr1800p components from Kenwood. They've got a big 7" woofer and an oversized 1 3/16" tweeter with external crossovers. currently the set is being powered by a dusty old pioneer 4-channel amp GM-x524. I'm not perfectly satisfied with the front stage for now since the amp likes to protect at high volumes and I've got some fuzzy distortion from the tweeters in certain frequencies. once i change the amp to the GM-d8604 class d 4-channel from pioneer I think it will get much better as I have the older GM-d9500f version in my s10 that never protects and has no distortion until extreme volume. also ran another 4ga run of cca to the trunk and a distribution block when I added the second amp. Also changed out the stock HU for a Pioneer Avh2600bt touchscreen unit which is fantastic for the money. I decided that the box was tuned too low so I chopped 10.5" off the port giving me a 2.88ft^3 net volume tuned to 32.2hz and was much happier! Now for the real reason I'm starting this build log.. I'm going to try a 6th order bandpass to keep this 'new to me' low end rumble and get back the awesome upper frequency volume from my mtx square sub in my s10 for when i want to blast the 50hz Flux Pavilion bass cannon! Much more to follow, including pics for the above^ stuff!
  5. PhilHef

    Enclosure help

    Hey guys im switching from CVXs to BLs im wondering if my old box would be ok with the new subs till I get a new one built. Car Tunes built the box and its suppose to be "spec" for the size of my truck and the space im utilizing. They said its a 1 chamber for 2 subs. I went outside and measured it...dual 15s btw 20.5in long 42in wide 18.5in high The port measured 2.5 in wide 16.5 long I just wanna know if this box is close to whats recommended. Im sure they need more port volume but I don't build boxes so someone enlighten me please lol. Any input is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks
  6. rmksledhead

    Win ISD 12" sub comparo

    From the album: Audio

    A graph displaying SPL of 5 different woofers in a 2.5 cu ft box tuned to 30hz. All woofers had a 1200w signal applied. Parameters are shown for each woofer in the simulation.
  7. cloud77

    Fi BL 15" D1 Fully Loaded

    *Fi Car Audio* Fi BL 15" Dual 1 ohm coils -Flatwound coil -Cooling -Hyper pole -Integrated leads -daily gap -Universal gap In great shape, only used it in between my builds a couple times. Been sitting in my living room most of its existence. 300 shipped. US 48. Paypal only.
  8. rmksledhead

    Box v1.0

    From the album: Audio

    Right around 2.45~2.5ft^3 with a 12" Fi BL tuned to ~31hz. First time using sketchup and it turned out pretty well i think
  9. PhilHef

    Happy to join the forum!

    Whats up guys? Found out about this forum through the Fi website, and its by far some of the most useful info on car audio on the net! I just recently received my BLs the other day and im really excited to get them hooked up to say the least lol. My old subs were CVXs so im sure these will be a bit louder but gotta upgrade the rest of the system before I load them. Anyway glad to join guys!
  10. Hey everyone, i'll get straight to the point. I'm selling my Fi BL 18" Sub in a 29hz box 40" long 17" high 24" deep (not 100% positive on this I will have to double check) along with my Hifonics Brutus brz2400.1D amp. It's a dvc-2 ohm sub. I bought this sub around late January. I've had it installed in my car for only 2-3 weeks. It was an impulse buy and if I didn't desperately need the cash I would keep it without a doubt. The amp and all the wiring was bought around the same time as the sub from sonicelectronix and I paid for a 3-year warranty. The power and ground cables are 1/0awg knukonceptz and the rca cables, remote wire, and speaker wire are part of a kit I got awhile pack from elite audio. I have 2 inline fuse holders with a 300a fuse and a 150a fuse. A couple ring terminals as well. The dust cap is blue and I have the cooling and flat wind options and the daily option selected. $433 with shipping, ~$100 for the wires, $300 for the amp with the warranty and I paid $200 for the box which has fiberglass insulation. I have the original box Fi sent the sub in and the amp. I don't know how much it would cost to ship a box that big, so without the box I would sell it all as a package for $650. quickest way to contact me to discuss anything would be texting me @ 574-323-3166. Thank you.
  11. I have been ripped off, sold short, and stolen from in this hobby plenty of times. I have never ripped anyone off, ripped equipment off of anybody, or lied about any piece of equipment I have sold. Karma came back around again today in my favor, as I received a BNIB Fi BL 15" from an ebay purchase. Cost me 250$ shipped. =] Keep it real when it comes to selling your stuff and it will come back around! It has for me! =]
  12. I got a 93 740il, i want to mount the subs on the rear deck and do a blow threw... dimensions of the trunk are - width 3', height 1.5', and there is a difference of 6.5" from top depth to bottom depth being the top is less, the port thru the rear seat can be a max height of 1.5' and is set at 1.1' without cutting any leather seat and width of 10", i have allot of room to play with the depth in the trunk well over 3' in the least deep spot, i tried using re's box calculator but it didn't help that much. thanks.
  13. njanowsky


    hey guys, i ordered an 18in fi bl on the 20th and it's now the 23rd and it still says "awaiting payment" every time i check my order status. is this normal? how long should this process usually take? should i be concerned? any feedback on this whole process is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  14. rhconcepts

    INPUT NEEDED 2 12" Fi BL burp box

    Hey guys, I just want to get some input on a burp box for 2 12" BL's fully loaded. This will be for a cross over and running 1000 or 2000 watts. Right now the system is up to 148.4 on 1800 watts with a some what music box. What I want to do is build the burp box so the subs are back and the port on the side. The info and input I need is the size of the box and the size of the port. Im 99% set on using a aeroport and was thinking 8" but would 8" be to small? Some people say the box needs to be big like 5 cubes and some say small like 3 cubes. So im a bit lost on where to start lol.
  15. trenthonda1

    Need help tuning a box

    My setup is gonna be 1 Fi audio BL 15" dual 2 ohms. what should i tune my box to so i get maxim SPL!!!