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  1. BigManAC

    Different option BL's in same box

    Alright thats what I was thinking. Thanks for the quick reply man.
  2. Hey guys. I found a BL 15 for $230 and couldnt pass it up. Anyway I have a BL 15 with the cooling and daily option. The new one has the flatwind and SPL option. Would putting both of these in the same box cause problems? Would playing music through the SPL option sub be an issue?
  3. BigManAC

    Fi BL 15 Burp Box

    I do compete in USACI competitions. This box will be just for competing and I will keep my box now for daily.
  4. BigManAC

    Fi BL 15 Burp Box

    Hey guys new to this forum and just looking for some info. I have a BL 15 on a SQ2200 sealed off in my car. The res fq of my car is 37hz and im looking to increase my spl #'s. What is the recommend port area and port area per foot? I was thinking about using 3 4" PVC ports. Does anybody recommend something else?