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Found 5 results

  1. Sencheezy

    Team IAK Explorer

    My old build log was deleted when DSS lost their section. So I have to start from scratch. Here is the update for my truck for the 2015 season. This build will be complete by October 2015 and will consist of the following hardware. 6 Team SSA 15" subwoofers 3 Taramps HD30kSPL amplifiers 3 JuiceBox LiFePo4 80ah batteries and 1 20ah. Single Reflex Bandpass Enclosure 10 cuft sealed, 35 cuft ported, 900cuin port area The end goal is to do a 165 any where. My last build loudest score was 162.3 outlaw with 6 15" DSS Ethos and 3 Taramps HD8000 This is still my only vehicle that I own.
  2. PhilHef

    Amp and alternator questions

    Hey guys i think I'm in the right area of the forum to post this but if I'm not, my bad. I bought two Fi BL 15s fully loaded with the daily option a few months back. Originally I was going to buy a Sundown or Cresendo amp but money is tight so I've been looking into the Hifonics BE 2500.1. I know they have a bad name, but I currently own an older series Hifonics BXi 2008d and honestly love the amp. Don't get me wrong I've had it repaired about 4 times but all due to inefficient power supply. The new series is CEA compliant and Steve Meade proved they do put out the power advertised. With that being said, do you guys think a 240 amp Mechman Alt could power the 2500 rms amp? I don't plan on running the second battery just yet, but I'm also not trying to fully power it right now. And another question, what if the amp is rated at 14.4 ohms, should the Alt be the same or a little bit higher? Thanks for any input!
  3. PhilHef

    Enclosure help

    Hey guys im switching from CVXs to BLs im wondering if my old box would be ok with the new subs till I get a new one built. Car Tunes built the box and its suppose to be "spec" for the size of my truck and the space im utilizing. They said its a 1 chamber for 2 subs. I went outside and measured it...dual 15s btw 20.5in long 42in wide 18.5in high The port measured 2.5 in wide 16.5 long I just wanna know if this box is close to whats recommended. Im sure they need more port volume but I don't build boxes so someone enlighten me please lol. Any input is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks
  4. PhilHef

    Happy to join the forum!

    Whats up guys? Found out about this forum through the Fi website, and its by far some of the most useful info on car audio on the net! I just recently received my BLs the other day and im really excited to get them hooked up to say the least lol. My old subs were CVXs so im sure these will be a bit louder but gotta upgrade the rest of the system before I load them. Anyway glad to join guys!
  5. I just finished installing my SSA Carbon Fiber Convex Dust Cap and I am really impressed by the way it looks. I have not taking a listen yet, though I'm sure there won't be any audibel difference. Here are a few photos I have taken. Here is a overview of both caps side by side Here you can that the original cap is "taller". Not exactly sure how this will affect anything. In this picture, it is very hard to see, but I place the new cap over on top of the other, to show that the new cap's "flanged" is just a hair bit longer. In this photo, you can see some bubbles in the crease around the cap before the flange begins. In this photo, pretty hard to see, but really really close up, you can see these "scratches"? I'm not exactly sure where this is from lol. But you have to be really close to see. In this photo, you can see all of its sexyness In this photo, you can see one of the problems I ran into. When removing the original cap, whats left is the glue's residue? I'm not sure what to call it, but it leaves two O-type rings around the former. When trying to lay down the New cap, it would not sit flat or flush. So I was forced to chip away with a small flat head screw driver on the outer ring. The inner ring seems a bit more permanent. Here is the epoxy I just picket up from Lowe's. Seems to work really well. It got real stinky real fast. In this photo, you can see the outter ring chiped away. And here is it installed I got a bit messy This was my first time every doing this, but atleast its clear, so it doesn't look too too bad. Cosmetically though, this looks aMAZEing. Also, I will note that the cap I recieved, did not flush with the cone. It seems that the cone, and the flang are formed at two different angles. Not too too much difference, but enough to not look flush. So I had to use a little bit more glue, and push down as much as I could to try and make sure there is no gaps in between the connection of the cap and the cone. The original cone does seem a bit more "solid" for the lack of term. Like, the original cap is a hard plastic, you could knock on the back of the cap, and it would make a decent "thund". But the new cap, like, I could push it in? If that makes sense. I've never personally handled Carbon Fiber, so I don't know what to expect. Maybe bend but never break kind of thing? lol. It is extremely light though! So overall, I am pleased with this product and would definately purchase more in the future. Thank you very much SSA and Duran for allowing to me purchase another amazing top notch quality item