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Found 8 results

  1. Mr.jaundurfle

    Passat XCON

    This might be a semi slow build, I have most of the equipment, but I do need a few other things to complete it all. I traded my truck in on a 2012 VW Passat about 6 months ago and I've had a stock stereo since. This will be my first time building a ported box, fis\rst experience with a processor (360.3) and my first experience with a 15" sub (SSA X-CON). The X-CON is Dual 1 ohm, so it should be good on the DC 5.0K at 2 ohms (2300 watts nominal). I am keeping the stock head unit, but adding a Rockford Fosgate 360.3 to control everything. The door speakers will be RF T1675's for now powered by a Kicker 350.4. Knuconceptz wire, XS batteries, Dakota Digital volt meter, Second Skin are being used as well.
  2. reelfish92

    Bass Heads Ent S10 Xtreme Build

    Robin Butler and Chris Chapman of Bass Heads Ent did an amazing job on my 2 12" PSI Platform 1 Chevy S10 Xtreme build. I could not be any happier, still have to retune and what not, but moves the windshield a bit, still figuring out what music I like to play. Subs: 2 12" PSI Platform 1 Dual 4s- Sub Amplifier: Crescendo Audio BC2000D @ 1 ohm- I am using a PAC LC1 and love it. Head unit: Pioneer Premier DEH-P510UB Mids: 8 Krome Audio KA65s Pro Audios (by Addictive Audio)- Tweeters: 4 Krome Supertweeters- Mids/Highs Amplifier(s): Rockford Fosgate 500.2 & 500.4- Electrical: 50 feet of Audio Technix 1/0 OFC. Optima Red Top under the hood, 2 C&D 138.4 amp hour batteries. 270 amp high-output alternator by Tenney Alts powder-coated black. Stinger voltage meter in dash cluster- Enclosure: amp rack, wiring done by bassheadsent.net custom enclosure design and fabrication. Kerfed and flush mounted like a boss. Before, pretty ugly mainly because of my loose rcas and unmatching batteries that came with the truck, On with the equipment:
  3. Hey guys, I am officially starting another build. Rather than post only pictures I am going to take you guys along for the ride with video updates! Enjoy! Phase 1 is making my amplifier rack. Starting with making some insert pieces to hide the amps.
  4. So I will be ordering an OA-12v2 D4 very soon after selling my current system (Upgrading from a Fosgate Punch P2 12, 2011 model). I have a Rockford Prime P500-1d to work with, so the sub will see just over 500 watts. I have read in many places that the more power, the smaller that the box can be, and the less power, the larger you can build the box... generally. So I was thinking of doing a 2.5 cuft enclosure for the OA, on the 500w. It will be going in the trunk of my 2000 Civic sedan, most likely sub back, port side. Does this sound appropriate? Is there another way I should approach this? The box will be tuned to 30Hz via 4" aeroport. Thank you for any help, and I apologize if I left out any important details.
  5. So, right now I am running a 2011 RF Punch P2 12" on a RF Prime R500.1 (500 watts @ 2 ohms). This is in a 1.72 cuft enclosure tuned to 31.8 Hz via 4" aero. I have the itch to upgrade. I understand that almost anything is an upgrade haha, but I was curious if the SSA GCON 12" would be a substantial difference in volume, and SQ? I would put this in a 3 cuft box tuned to 28Hz via the 4" aero. My current setup is in a 98 grand cherokee, but it will soon be put in the trunk of either a civic or corolla. Just as any extra info so you guys can help: Goal, loudest possible SQ with this sub. What do I listen to? : Everything from Dubstep, to Classic Rock, to Metal, to Gangsta Rap. Why am I singling out the GCON? : It's from SSA, great rep, low Mms more accurate sounding (low compared to the OA-12, SA-12, VVX-12), should sound good on 500, and figured i'd try to stray from the SA-12, VVX-12 trend. If you need anymore info, just ask, I apologize for leaving anything important out. Thanks for all the help and advise!
  6. pulidoa

    bad amp..

    yeah i bought a used amp its the rockford T1001bd and it seems to have a short.. :''( any ideas were i can ship amp to, i stay in Arkansas oh and i gt the amp for 125$ is tht a good deal?
  7. reelfish92

    Stormtrooper Tahoe 8 15s in a fourth

    Stormtrooper Tahoe at a show this past Sunday, it had 8 15" Rockford Fosgate T1s with 8 RF T1000 amplifiers. Sounded pretty clean, but not 8 15s loud. Interior was beautiful also. It sure was loud for having back seat though. Enjoy, I will have some Bass Heads Ent videos up later today so stay tuned.
  8. hey everyone, so, soon I will be getting a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I have the majority of my system ready to install. (please dont judge, i was not as educated when i bought this stuff) Rockford Fosgate P2 12" (2011 model) (it meh...), Rockford R500-1 amp (low efficiency, 58% @ 2 ohms) , Sony CDX-GT565UP (love it), and KnuKonceptz 4 gauge kit. right ow I have a crappy box to test with, its 1.72 cuft tuned to 31Hz via 4" aero. I will be building a 2-2.2 cuft box tuned to 32 once i am sure how i want the port and sub positioned. the current box i have the sub is on one side and the port on the other. so it will be easy to experiment how it will be positioned. my question is, how should i position my sub and port? i will test and tune once i get the jeep, but im curious if anyone is/was in the same position and could give some advise. im thinking either sub up center, port back driver side. or sub up center, port side (driver). any opinions? I guess im just eager haha. thanks for your help!