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  1. Hello and welcome to my version of the “How to Build a Custom Subwoofer box Tutorial”. This tutorial aims to teach you not only how to create a subwoofer box but how to add additional styling and design to make it a one of kind masterpiece. This is a four part tutorial series; a brief description of each part is given below and accompanied with a video and pictures. Enjoy! Part 1: How to Build the Box In this first video I cover the basics of a box design, incorporating bracing and 45’s and construction techniques. Part 2: Customizing the Box This video covers the design and production of custom template created insert shapes that mount to the front of the box and can be used to accent and tie to other parts of the install. These techniques can be used on other aspects of your install like custom door panels, and more. Part 3: Molding the metal mesh Molding metal grill mesh gives a very custom look to our box, you could use this technique to hide a port, or protect the speaker itself. Part 4: Wrapping with Vinyl and Carpet In this final video we finish the custom box by wrapping it with carpet and the template shapes with vinyl. Thanks for watching and learning! Now that you have learned these new techniques what would you use them on?
  2. And as always I edited every single step of the process to help you guys learn how you to can build like this: If you would like to see the full series check out the video playlist here:
  3. Finally it was time to wrap the final pieces Here is the finished product:
  4. Now that all the surfaces are smooth and clean its time for some wrapping, I started with carpet and black suede in the insert areas: I also wrapped the top removable amp rack piece with black vinyl, then press fit all the inserts in temporarily as I was waiting to receive the cool grey vinyl I had ordered.
  5. Time for some progress and FINISHED PICS! I got the front inserts done using my Smart Spreaders:
  6. So I know have got the amp rack fibeglassed, smoothed and all ready for vinyl. Lets take a look at the steps: Started with some fiberglass: Started smoothing thins out with filler: Heres how the mesh looks over the amps, still not sure if I will use it, or paint it. I need to see what it looks like after everything is wrapped. Everything is smooth now! You can see all the steps from this post in video with explanations here:
  7. As many of you know Rage Gold is one of the best body fillers you can get. It has amazing sanding qualities that lead to a professional finish in a timely manner. But there is a bunch of hype about a new body filler on the market called "Matter" from Sonus Car Audio. Can it stack up against Rage Gold? Lets find out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey89Kr9wvjg
  8. Messed around a little with this mesh, do you think I should use it? Man I need a dust collector! Any suggestions? Here are all the steps in video:
  9. Who wants some pics? Started with a circle around the sub, didnt really like it so you will see but I do something a little different: Finally got a new dust mask! i love this thing! Like the new shape around the sub better? Amplifier cover templates:
  10. Thank you! I hope the videos help you learn a thing or two! Thank you!
  11. Pictures! All steps can be seen in the video in my previous post. Molded the floor of the enclosure: Have to be sure it is strong! Added the top: Had to fill up the large hole at the back of the enclosure where I wasnt able to just mold the floor: One mistake I made is I went to heavy with the resin with the first coat, it ended up really glossy on the bottom of the enclosure, but still I was able to build several layers and it is STRONG. In the video I even bounce up and down on it with no issues!