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Found 5 results

  1. Smanleyman

    2 10" SSA Xcon build

    There are two things I have never had since I got "serious" into car audio. A 10" sub, or a decent dual sub setup. So this is my build for two 10" xcons! Im super excited, they should be finished building and arriving soon, I hope. I am fitting the maximum dimensions of my trunk while still being able to fold up the stock floor and access the spare tire. I was left with 3.11 internal cubic feet without sub, bracing, 45s, or port displacement. This is firing into the car, so I also needed the subs and port to be on the same face. The triangle port is unconventional but takes up less volume than a typical slot port inside the box and also has less port wall surface area, so I'm hoping it works out. That angle took some wizardry to figure out, and it still came out a little crooked but oh well. The "45s" are little pine cove trim pieces, figured this is the best I can do without sacrificing internal volume. I used minimal bracing but it should be enough, and undercoated everything with two cans, I honestly dont think it does anything but I like to do it on my boxes. it gives a solid completed look to the inside of the box and its extra leak insurance. Final volume and tuning should be 2.4 cubes at 31 hz with 25 sq in port area. The box is a little too small and the port is a little too small, but its all the space I have. Got some black base down and some custom copper orange pearl, trying my best to match the faceplate of my Crecendo BC3500. All thats left is to carpet it with black felt, wire the drivers in, and go to town!
  2. ObTechAudio

    Port Help for My HDC3 18"

    Hey guys, I am needing some direction or reassurance in what I'm doing with my port. This is my first time working with an 18" sub and with SoundQubed equipment. According to soundqubed.com, the HDC3 18" wants a box anywhere from 5-6 cubes with a vent of 96sq" x 18" long. To me, that port seems odd. So I just got done designing my box. External dimensions are 25" x 25" x 26" but I'm using double sheets of .75 MDF, so each measurement take off 3". I calculate internal space at 22" x 22" x 23" = 11,132 inches = 6.44 cubes. Rough internal space after ONLY sub displacements is 6.4ish cubes. My desired tuning frequency is 31-32hz, because the fs of this sub is 31hz. So, I designed my port on both WinISD and CarStereo.com at 3" x 16" and 15.5" long. Both WinISD and CarStereo said with that size of box (6.3 cubes internal), port size (3 x 16 x 15.5), and tuning frequency (31-32hz), I should have zero problem. After all displacements, I'll roughly have an internal space of 5.95 cubes, which is EXACTLY what I wanted. I'm asking you guys, because it's not what soundqubed suggests and that's what worries me. I want you guys to check out what I'm doing and see if it all looks good to go. I appreciate any insight or feedback.
  3. I've been reading the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook and found the effects of lobing due to driver placement on the baffle, but am still left wondering two things. Use the picture below as a reference to how the placement would differ. Assume same port length and volume for each. #1: The port ends in a different location inside the box, does this have different loading effects on the sub? From appearance, it would seem that the air flow in each would be somewhat different and affect the subwoofer? #2: What happens to the subwoofer and response as you move it closer or farther away from the port? Is it best to have it centered or off to a particular side?
  4. handman84

    GCON Ported Box Design

    Have a 12" GCON in a sealed box. It sounds great but I am wanting more and I know the sub will give it to me if I can put it in the right enclosure. I used the ICON enclosure design for the sealed box it is in now, would the ICON ported design work well for the GCON as well? It falls into the optimal range, 2.5f^3 tuned to 33hz. It is a 2 ohm sub with 500 watts powering it in the trunk of a '96 accord. I have about 32" x 20" x 18" to work with. Anyone have any experience or recommendations for a ported box design that will work well with the GCON?
  5. hey everyone, so, soon I will be getting a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I have the majority of my system ready to install. (please dont judge, i was not as educated when i bought this stuff) Rockford Fosgate P2 12" (2011 model) (it meh...), Rockford R500-1 amp (low efficiency, 58% @ 2 ohms) , Sony CDX-GT565UP (love it), and KnuKonceptz 4 gauge kit. right ow I have a crappy box to test with, its 1.72 cuft tuned to 31Hz via 4" aero. I will be building a 2-2.2 cuft box tuned to 32 once i am sure how i want the port and sub positioned. the current box i have the sub is on one side and the port on the other. so it will be easy to experiment how it will be positioned. my question is, how should i position my sub and port? i will test and tune once i get the jeep, but im curious if anyone is/was in the same position and could give some advise. im thinking either sub up center, port back driver side. or sub up center, port side (driver). any opinions? I guess im just eager haha. thanks for your help!